DAYS Recap: Sexually Confused Talia Makes A Play For Chanel

Today was an…interesting day for Chanel Dupree to say the least.

talia hunter came onto chanel dupree on the days of our lives recap for wednesday, august 9, 2023.Chanel Dupree was shocked by Talia's request.

In the Days of our Lives recap for August 9, 2023, Talia took Chanel by surprise by admitting she has feelings for her. “Feelings” feelings.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Paulina (Jackée Harry) rallied Abe (James Reynolds) to fight for the good of the town…and her daughter in particular, and Harris (Steve Burton) single-handedly reunited Ava (Tamara Braun) and Tripp (Lucas Adams). And who said he was beyond saving? Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Wishful Thinking

Because of Talia’s (Aketra Sevillian) ramblings, Marlena (Deidre Hall) required further details. What kind of feelings is she having for Chanel (Raven Bowens)? Romantic feelings! But, seeing as how Chanel dated two of Marlena’s grandkids, perhaps it’s too much to discuss. Perish the thought. Marlena is nothing if not wholly professional.

That decided, Chanel rambled on. She’s not had any real experience when it comes to dating. She’s had one boyfriend who turned out to be psychotic. She’s also read up on transference and avoidance and thinks it might be possible that she feels the way she feels towards Chanel because of what that terrible man did to her.

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It’s either that or she’s bisexual. What does Dr. Evans think? She thinks Talia shouldn’t be so quick to assign herself a label. And what does Talia think? She thinks that she shouldn’t trust her warped judgment. Also, what does it even matter? It’s not like there’s a future for her and Chanel anyway. Not after Talia terrorized her and her family.

But she does genuinely like Chanel. And she really does miss her. And that’s okay according to the good doctor. Marlena’s sound advice: Talia needs to acknowledge and be honest…with both herself and Chanel. And it’s better to move with a nuanced approach.

Opposite this, Johnny (Carson Boatman) found Chanel bemoaning the shuttering of her shop and did his best not to pile on by relaying how happy Allie and her new feller were down in New Zealand (from where Johnny had just returned). Try being the operative word. Chanel, of course, didn’t begrudge her ex happiness. She’s not petty that way.

Johnny declared that Allie had been nuts to give Chanel up, and Chanel countered that Wendy (Victoria Grace) had been crazy to send him packing. Chanel then inquired as to why that happened, exactly. Johnny begged off admitting it was because Wendy felt he still wasn’t over Chanel.

Later, while Johnny swung by Marlena’s office to admit that he might still have romantic feelings for Chanel, Talia announced her own feelings to Chanel…then did a runner. Chanel could but sit in silence.

DAYS Recap: Soldier On

Off that contentious convo with Acting Mayor Clint Rawlings (Grayson Berry), Paulina made a beeline for Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) apartment, barreled her way past the lady of the residence, and implored Abe to attempt to reclaim the mayorship…for Chanel’s sake…and everybody else too. But mostly Chanel. Because Rawlings is being so mean to her.

Despite Kayla’s objections, Abe is spurred to action. He’ll do it! For Chanel’s sake…and everyone else too. But mostly Chanel. And himself too. He needs a purpose, a real reason to get out of bed in the morning. This is just the ticket.

DOOL Recap: Birds Of A Feather

At Bayview, Ava issued sincere apologies to Harris for her actions. When Harris offers to play sounding board, Ava vomits a whole mess of plot onto him. Her induced psychosis, her poor mothering, Charlie’s murder, revenging herself on perceived enemies, killing an innocent woman, the whole shebang.

Ava and Harris bonded over their strikingly similar situations — he can’t help getting brainwashed; she can’t help her mental illness; they’re both murderers — and the former confided that she’s been purposefully keeping Tripp at arm’s length since their last, disastrous encounter. Harris, for his part, encouraged Ava to reach out.

Days of our Lives Recap: Try, Try Again

Having switched shits with a fellow physician, Tripp phoned Wendy and announced that he’d booked them a room at the Salem Inn…again. In spite of the couple’s best efforts, nothing about their romantic evening goes to plan…again.

First, the dinner was all wrong. Then Tripp received word that he could visit with his mother either that night or sometime the next day and Wendy insisted that he leave that very minute. After all, he’s scheduled to pull a double, remember? Thank goodness for the wine and the chocolate fondue.

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