DAYS Recap: John Finally Finds His Real Daddy…Maybe

Turns out John Black really is John Robicheaux after all. Probably.

john black tells Joseph bell they are father and son on the days of our lives recap for friday, september 8, 2023.Joseph Bell is John's father.

In the Days of our Lives recap for September 8, 2023, John’s interminable search for an identity comes to an end…or so it would seem. Then again, we did think that he was an Alamain…and a DiMera.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Vivian got the last laugh over her myriad of detractors, and Sarah welcomed her new daughter into the world before slipping into unconsciousness. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: The Son Also Rises

At Salem University Hospital, Marlena (Deidre Hall) bid “John Doe” (Dick Van Dyke) and his itchy feet stick around long enough to hear her husband — the one she tasked with uncovering the amnesiac’s identity — out.

John (Drake Hogestyn) soon put in an appearance, and he came bearing news. “John Doe” is, in reality, one Joesph Bell. Unfortunately, that doesn’t spark a remembrance. But the mention of the Korean War and Timothy Robicheaux certainly does.

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In no time flat, it all comes pouring back. After the foxhole they were in came under heavy fire, terrible, no good, very bad Joesph Bell switched dog tags with Timothy Robicheaux and left him for dead. So, the man sitting before John was the real deal Timothy and his biological father to boot.

Oh, happy day! How John had longed to learn the truth about his parentage, about his identity. Turns out he truly is John Robicheaux, son of Timothy and Maude Robicheaux, but the real Timothy didn’t reinvent himself as a mercenary shaman based in China who trained assassins…or something. The backstory remains as incredibly complicated now as then.

DAYS Recap: Winner Takes It All

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian (Louise Sorel) insisted that no matter what any of those gathered had to say, she was there to stay — for the time being, of course.

And as to Adrienne’s *eh um* make that Bonnie’s (Judi Evans) assertion that she must have escaped the authorities, Vivian produced her walking papers. After a quick perusal, Justin (Wally Kurth) declared that they were indeed legit. Vivian was a free woman.

But not free to remain in her house insisted Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), who ordered the harridan to “GET THE HELL OUT…” Still, Vivian wouldn’t be moved. Not until she’d delivered her eulogy — or, barring that, not until the will was read.

In the hopes of expediting the villainess’s exit, Justin offered to retrieve the will and read it right then and there. The rub? Said will was not in its usual place. Strange. Even stranger was the subsequent news from the estate attorney that Victor had requested the will be destroyed. What’s more, he did not file a new one.

Now, normally that would be good news for Maggie as everything should fall to the surviving spouse. Unfortunately, Vivian insisted that her and Victor’s last marriage had never been properly dissolved. SHE’S the Mrs. Victor Kiriakis who will inherit the lot!

DOOL Recap: Baby Blues

Try as she might, and boy did she try, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) couldn’t cease her labor pains. The baby was coming. Right that very minute. While Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Xander (Paul Telfer) scrambled around for supplies, Sarah worried aloud (very loud; too loud) to Rex (Kyle Lowder) that she’d slip and confess the truth to Xander. Rex, for his part, assured Sarah (again, VERY loudly) that she wouldn’t slip and tell Xander that she was pregnant with his baby.

With memories of Mackenzie’s roadside birth playing in her head and Xander bracing her, Sarah pushed out a beautiful baby girl. The experience seemed to thaw Sarah’s resolve, and she readied to confess all to Xander. But, before she could get the words out, Sarah passed out. Something was very, very wrong.

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