DAYS Recap For October 28: Ava Gets Bad Advice From The Bad Son

Lucifer must have been too busy pining for Marlena Evans Black.

DAYS recap for Friday, October 28, 2022

The DAYS recap for Friday, October 28, 2022, sees the dead walking amongst the living…and not for the first, second, or even third time. You’d think that they’d start pouring cement into the graves just to be on the safe side.

DAYS Recap Highlights

In this episode, Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) crawled up from Hell to tempt Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun), Paulina Price Carver (Jackée Harry) gave Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) her walking papers, EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) got the heebie-jeebies, Alexander Neil Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) made himself useful, and big bad Orpheus (George DelHoyo) made his presence felt. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Clown
Ava had fun scaring EJ with lurking clown with knife disguise.

DOOL Recap: The Walking Dead

After donning a ‘Killer Clown’ costume and putting the frighteners on EJ — oh sweet it was to see that meanie shaking his boots — Ava hightailed it over to University Hospital in the hopes of bidding Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) farewell before he made tracks for Seattle.

Not wanting to be parted from his mother and concerned for her general wellbeing considering she has no job, access to readies, or any plans for the future, Tripp suggested that she come and room with him and Joey Johnson (Tanner Stine) and assured that it wouldn’t be as awkward as Ava feared. Sure, Ava tormented Joey’s family for a year or two, and he did indeed attempt to snuff her, but they’re all adults and can let bygones be bygones. Right? Right, declared Ava.

But before she left, Ava wanted to visit Jake DiMera’s (Brandon Barash) final resting place, one last time. It was a fateful decision that she soon came to regret, given she was visited by the Ghost — zombie? hallucination? — of Unwanted Children Past.

Days of our Lives Recap: Blindsided

Despite being led to believe that everything was copasetic — hence the effusive voicemail she left Stephanie — Paulina was soon to learn, courtesy of Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty), that the exact opposite was actually true.

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Not only had Stephanie’s plan to ply Sloan with funny money blown up in her face, but now Sloan insisted that she and her client were owed even more than originally agreed upon. That pleased Paulina to no end. NOT!

DAYS recap Paulina and Sloan
Sloan had news Paulina didn’t like to hear.

DAYS Recap: Tourism Board

While Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) did his best to dissuade Tripp from hightailing back to the Emerald City, Kayla Brady Jonson (Mary Beth Evans) did much the same with Joey. Why shouldn’t the boys want to stay put in Salem? After all, the hamlet has its own homegrown supervillains, verified paranormal activity, and a mad scientist who never met a corpse that he didn’t want to try and reanimate — selling points to be sure, but it wasn’t enough to do the trick.

DOOL Recap: Olive Branch

Though still seriously freaked out by the mad, voyeuristic Harlequin, EJ rallied long enough to try and convince Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) to rejoin him at DiMera Enterprises. Thanks, but no thanks, came Chad’s reply. He really appreciated the offer, but he’d rather remain a consultant for Stephanie Johnson Public Relations. And no, he most certainly does not have a crush on Stephanie. They are good friends, and nothing more, plus Chad is still mourning his recently slain wife; what does EJ take him for?!

DAYS Recap: No Good, Very Bad Day

Stephanie could really use a break. She thought Alex might give her one, but he wasn’t exactly sold on helping her get her hands on the blackmail material that Sloan has hoarded. And then there was Paulina who decided that, no, no, she very much did not want wild card, Stephanie, in her employ; oh, and she’s also going to do her utmost to destroy Stephanie’s reputation and business, so there’s that. Is it any wonder that Stepanie turned up on Chad’s doorstep in want of tending to?

DAYS Recap Susan as a Clown
Susan scared EJ with her clown costume.

DOOL Recap: All The Rest

* Alex is actually a pretty decent guy, really he is. Sure, he protested, using his considerable charms to help Stephanie out, but of course, he couldn’t help but do it…and by do it we mean handcuff and blindfold a half-naked Sloan to her bed and rummage through her files until he found exactly what he wanted. If only somebody hadn’t chosen that exact moment to come to the door!

* Not content with merely returning to Statesville and being forgotten by all, Orpheus posted his victims each a box of chocolates and a haunting, taunting handwritten missive. None thanked him for it, especially Kayla.

* He’d be loathed to admit it, but EJ was letting his fear get the better of him, which might not be a bad thing considering since clown-clad Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk) is now on the scene warning him that he’s in danger.

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