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DAYS Recap: A Bombshell Twist Ended In Kristen Getting Rachel

Brady Black got what he deserved…which wasn’t Rachel.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, august 1, 2023, kristen, brady, and day player judge.Kristen is left reeling when things go her way.

In the Days of our Lives recap for August 1, 2023, Rachel’s fate was decided…and it’s Kristen, rather than the girl’s father who emerged victorious.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, amnesiac Abe’s (James Reynolds) loved ones gathered around him — which may or may not be what’s best for the patient at this time. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Parent Trap

Despite the summons to the judge’s chambers, Brady (Eric Martsolf) wasn’t sweating. Kristen (Stacy Haiduk), on the other hand, was a frazzled wreck. Not only had she had to throw a coat over her cocktail/go-to-a-wedding frock and race over to the courthouse, but she wasn’t in the least bit aware of the why.

That soon became clear when Judge Broderick (Gina Gallego) appeared and brought Brady’s fitness as a parent into question. Had Brady really held a gun on Kristen — and in the presence of their daughter, no less — in the very recent past? Yes, yes he had. But he had…reasons. Good reasons.

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Is it also true that he arranged for Rachel (Finely Rose Slater) to be kidnapped the year previous? Kinda…but Rachel was ensconced with her uncle and his lady friend. And he had…reasons. Good reasons. So, it was totes okay…right?

No, no it was not okay. What it was, according to the judge, was a pattern of Brady using his and Kristen’s daughter against Kristen. And, that was deeply unsettling.

So, having spoken to Rachel and having considered the young woman’s unwavering love for her mother, the judge declared that she was turning over full custody to Kristen. Cue the indignation. Cue Brady begging Kristen to see reason. Cue Kristen gloating.

DAYS Recap: Baby Steps

At University Hospital, Chanel (Raven Bowens) was heartened to see Abe up and about, and even more so when said that he recognized her. Unfortunately, his only memories of her are from after his surgery. Everything before is still a blank. That’s a real shame because she seems like a nice young woman.

DOOL Recap: So Long, Farewell…

Despite Theo’s (Cameron Johnson) best efforts to get her to temper her expectations, Paulina (Jackée Harry) went full steam ahead with planning the perfect homecoming from Abe. There was a big banner, photos galore, and tons of Abe’s favorite foods…Paulina even went the extra mile of ordering up a clam pizza with red sauce which had been Lexie’s signature dish.

Upon learning that Theo planned to forgo returning to Johannesburg (and miss out on a meeting that could mean big revenue for his and JJ’s small business), Paulina insisted he stick to his original plan. And don’t worry, she’ll call him the minute Abe starts to remember things. And he will remember…eventually. Paulina just knows it.

Off that assurance, Theo swung by Abe’s hospital room and bid his pops farewell for now. Before the two parted, Abe confided that he was a mite scared that he’d never recover his memories. Theo’s words of wisdom (that originated from Abe himself)? There’s nothing wrong with being scared. It keeps you alive. You just can’t let it keep you from living.

Days of our Lives Recap: One Day At A Time

John (Drake Hogestyn) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) made their triumphant returns, and after reconnecting with their respective lady loves, they headed for Abe’s room. As expected, Abe had no idea who the men standing before him were. Still, the visit was pleasant enough.

Meanwhile, Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) congregated at the nurses’ hub. The former expressed concern that Abe may feel pressured to experience total recall and wouldn’t know where to turn for help. Kayla, who’d already warned Steve of the possibility that Abe might never recover fully, wondered if she should keep Abe in for longer…patience and Paulina don’t exactly go together, so perhaps going home now might not be in Abe’s best interest.

But Marlena disagreed. Paulina and her love was probably the best thing for Abe at the moment…but she did remind Mrs. Carver that “patience is the way to get what you want.”

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