Bo Brady ‘Wines’ To Steve and Kayla, Then Gets Found By Harris

DAYS recap for Monday, April 17, 2023: It appears to be all over before it even really started.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 17, 2023, harris and bo brady come face-to-faceHarris and Bo Brady come face-to-face.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Bo Brady reiterated his grand plan to a disbelieving Steve and Kayla while forces amassed against him.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, the infamous Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) made the acquaintance of the infamous Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) while Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) came around to Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) way of thinking. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Bo Brady Just Wants To Rule The World

Despite greeting them with bowls of fresh fish stew and a bottle of red, Bo (Peter Reckell) was quick to pick up on the fact that Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) were steaming mad over their confinement.

Talk turned to Bo’s need for Kayla to continue Rolf’s (Richard Wharton) research and for her to get to it on the double, lest Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Chad (Billy Flynn), who’d just checked themselves into a locale hotel, get wise to their location.

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That bit of intel lit a fire under “Stayla” and Steve in particular, who proceeded to debate and berate Bo and to finally goad him into firing the gun he’d brought along as “insurance.”

Bo did indeed shoot…but only at the “perfectly good” wine, he’d brought his sister and brother-in-law to share. What followed was more threats and more posturing.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 17, 2023, has kayla and steve standing up to bo brady.
Kayla and Steve have had it with her brother, Bo Brady.

Kayla and Steve tried once again to get through to Bo by playing on his emotions, evoking the likes of Shawn (Brandon Beemer), Ciara (Victoria Konefal), Bo’s namesake grandson, and the pièce de résistance courtesy of Steve, the new baby that Ciara will eventually deliver. Oh, and of course, Hope (Kristian Alfonso). The Hope of it all.

Bo, however, wasn’t much interested. Those were all people who endeavored to change him into someone he’s not. Those were all people who would bemoan his efforts to try and mold himself after his biological father, Victor Kiriakis.

He’d never really been a Brady, Bo insisted, much to Kayla’s chagrin, and now he intends to live as his true self. But that’s going to necessitate Kayla synthesizing that formula…and Kayla insisted that she couldn’t even begin without the proper equipment.

Opposite this, Steph and Chad rendezvoused with Hope and Harris (Steve Burton) at their hotel room [read: interrupted a passionate moment], and the four deduced that something was very much amiss where Steve was concerned.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 17, 2023, chad and stephanie were shocked to learn about her dad.
Chad DiMera and Stephanie were shocked by what they found out.

After all, Hope had only minutes earlier received a text purportedly from the artist formerly known as Patch assuring her that all was well and that he was incommunicado owing to his soothing Steph’s worries about Kayla, and yet here was Steph claiming that she hadn’t heard from her papa in over two days.

A plan is quickly formulated. Hope takes off for the locale cop shop — where she learns that Steve was bum-rushed out by a man impersonating Shane Donovan — Steph and Chad head to a warehouse owned by Victor [where they are confronted by a person unknown], and Harris heads for Victor’s childhood home where he runs smack dab into Bo!

DAYS Recap: Sister Act

At Statesville, having had her call to Brady (Eric Martsolf) rejected, Kristen was less than inclined to accept the unsolicited advice that was “Take it easy, sister,” even after she realized that it was being suggested by her actual sister Megan.

“Different last names perhaps, but we are undeniably family,” granted Megan as the two women sized one another up.

Kristen pointedly declared that Megan was looking “well preserved for someone who was already dead 10 years before I even stepped foot in Salem.” Megan waved it away as a fringe benefit of cryogenic chamber fluid.

Megan’s deal with the ISA to be transferred to her current locale was the next topic of conversation, and Kristen wondered what Megan had to barter with. “They were desperate to find Kayla Johnson. And I told the feds that a former associate of mine, Thomas Banks, was the one who absconded with her,” explained Megan.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 17, 2023, has kristen and megan doing sisterly bonding in jail.
Sisters Kristen DiMera and Megan did some bonding.

But Kristen smelled a rat, and she was determined to suss out the truth. She tried to charm Megan into confiding in her with jokes about how she’d spent too much of her time talking to “misfits, hostages, and dead people,” and when that didn’t work, she tried to apply some deductive reasoning.

The only place that got Kristen was a dead end. Literally. Anyone and everyone that Megan ever truly loved was dead. Also, it was a short list. Only Stefano and Bo made the cut.

“Yes, poor Bo,” reflected Megan adding, “Died of a brain tumor. Just as I was dead before they unceremoniously dumped me into a hot tub and fried me to a crisp. And yet, here I sit before you.”

“Are you saying that Bo Brady is alive?” questioned Kristen. Megan, for her part, kept mum. The only crumb that she did offer led Kristen to believe that she was planning a jailbreak.

Brady Black Is Blue

Brady welcomed a flower-bearing John (Drake Hogestyn) home with jokes aplenty that belied his terrible mood. John got his son to open up about his estrangement from Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and his upset that it was all down to Kristen poisoning his daughter’s mind. Thank goodness Marlena had offered her professional services.

Though he couldn’t do much more than act as a sounding board, John did caution Brady against freezing Kristen out, lest Rachel think he’s purposefully keeping them apart and dig her heels in even further.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 17, 2023, has brady and john talking.
Brady Black gets advice from his father.

With that advice ringing in his ears, Brady accepted Kristen’s latest call. What she had to impart to him “was of the utmost importance.”

DOOL Recap: Self Betterment

Marlena ushered a visiting Alex into her office and listened as he relayed “Phonegate” and queried as to whether or not she had an update on Kayla. He’s so hoping that she’ll be found alive and well and will be reunited with Steph. It could mean his “redemption.” It could also mean he would no longer be burdened by his “guilty conscience.”

What’s more, Marlena gently guided Alex into admitting that Steph was the only woman that he’d ever loved, and her rejection of him had left him fearful of getting hurt again. That and he’s very much hoping that there might be a future for the two of them in light of recent developments.

After the impromptu session, Alex begged off setting up an actual appointment, arguing that therapy just wasn’t “his vibe,” though he did agree to take Marlena’s card. About an hour later, he phoned, ready to put a date on his calendar.

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