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Put Up Your Dukes! Should Jennifer Fight Harder For Jack On Days Of Our Lives?

Jack and Jennifer Days of Our LivesJack and Jennifer Days of Our Lives

The election is finally over on Days Of Our Lives! Jack (Matthew Ashford) is the new mayor, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) is the new first lady…and chief of police, not what Hope (Kristian Alfonso) has been given the boot, and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) is…pissed off. But as a member of the fourth estate, of course. It’s nothing personal.

Jen is only angry that Jack and Eve are persecuting Hayley (Thia Megia), the girl who’s made her son, JJ (Casey Moss), a federal fugitive. And not because Jack and Eve are married and flaunting their alleged happiness every chance they get.

Jack doesn’t remember his marriage and epic romance with Jennifer. And she’s cool with that. But, should Jenn be fighting harder for her lost love? What almost 4,000 voters had to say:

Wins By a Nose!
It was extremely close, but 51% of you say yes, go get your man, Jen! Jack doesn’t really want Eve. He just defaulted to her when he felt lost among all the people who appeared to know him…when he had no clue who any of them were.

Now is the time for Jen to show Jack what he’s missing. It’s time to fight fire with fire and beat Eve at her own game. Play dirty, Jen. That’s how Jack likes it!

Not So Fast
Then again, almost an equal number, 49% are saying forget about the boy, Jen, move on with your life! Jack wasn’t a prize from the start — hey, remember him raping Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) – and he’s even worse, now. Jack’s damaged goods and Jen can do better.

Besides, Jen is too good, too decent, too Horton to stoop to Eve’s level. If she and Jack are meant to be, he’ll come back to the love of his life on his own.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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