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Punished Enough? Does Ben Deserve Ciara’s Love on Days of Our Lives?

Ben and Ciara Days of Our LivesBen and Ciara Days of Our Lives

Pity poor Ben on Days of Our Lives. The guy commits a few measly serial killings, and suddenly the good people of Salem don’t want him around anymore. No one will give him a job, no one will rent him a room, nobody wants him dating their daughter…So judgmental!

Thank goodness Chad (Billy Flynn) is willing to give an ex-con a second chance, and Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) wants to be his friend. But does Ben deserve Ciara’s (Victoria Konefal) love? That’s up to almost 5,000 of you to decide.

Work It!
Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) has worked so hard to win Ciara, 41% of the audience reminds, he deserves to get her. He saved her life, he listened to her whine, he put up with all of Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) insults of him. Go get ‘er, Ben!

Split Decision
Ben was willing to team up with Claire to manipulate Ciara into loving him, and that takes him out of contention for 32% of you.

It shows that Ben hasn’t reformed all the way. He may have taken a break from killing people – for now – but he hasn’t turned his back on messing with people’s lives the way he did with Abigail (Marci Miller). Ciara can do better.

Growing Pains
Let’s face it, both Ciara and Ben are still pretty immature, a last place 27% point out. Neither is really ready for a relationship. Look how childish Ciara is being with Tripp (Lucas Adams).

And Ben may be on his way to mental health, but he isn’t there yet. And until that’s taken care of, he can’t be expected to love anyone, especially Ciara, who has her own issues. This may be a supercouple in the making, but let’s pace ourselves. Slow and steady wins the race in Salem!

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