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Poor Claire: Who Was There To Even Notice She Lost It On Days of Our Lives?

Claire Days of Our Lives February 26Claire Days of Our Lives

When Salem and the rest of her Days of Our Lives family finally learn that Claire Bear is Salem’s little pyromaniac firestarter, we hope these people somehow realize they are at least partly responsible for where Claire went wrong.

Clearly, Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) IS very sick as Ciara (Victoria Konefal) has said, and you can’t always blame mental illness on neglect, but how did nobody notice what was going on with this young woman?

Claire has been acting off the wall for at least two years now. Desperate for fame, a social media following, recording herself having sex with her boyfriend, attempting to become a model, and rigging the vote. None of these are signs of a healthy young woman.

And, where have her parents been? Anywhere but Salem, that’s for sure. Except for a few short visits where her mother was more concerned with shutting off her grandmother’s life support than seeing how her daughter was doing.

Most of Claire’s family also knows Eve (Kassie DePaiva) is a few cents shy of a dollar and didn’t find it at all concerning that this is the person Claire turned to as a mother figure. She slept with her daughter’s boyfriend, for pity’s sake, among other pretty horrible things.

And what happens now that Ciara, her aunt of the same age, knows that Claire tried to kill her by setting fire to that cabin last summer?

She is going to take this on herself. Never mind that Claire has a psychiatrist grandmother who spent about three scenes with her a few weeks ago and then forgot she exists again.

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Never mind that the former police commissioner is Ciara’s mother — and, oh wait, Claire’s OTHER GRANDMOTHER.

When was the last time Hope (Kristian Alfonso) even share a scene with her young adult granddaughter, abandoned by her son just out of high school, no direction in life in the three years since?

Perhaps it was that wedding Claire interrupted where she told the Rafe and Sami secret, which was well over a year ago.

Seriously, nobody cares about Claire. Heck, we’re not even sure DAYS does since it let the brilliant Olivia Rose Keegan go just when they gave us this complex, out-of-her-mind character that’s always entertaining to watch.

We can only hope she’s secretly back on set and it somehow hasn’t been leaked yet. And that Claire can keep her edge after an adult in her family finally notices she’s…well…nuts.

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