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Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Is Days of Our Lives’ Aiden on the Up and Up?

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It’s hard to know if you can trust a character like Aiden Jennings on “Days of Our Lives.” After all, there’s been something suspicious about him from the start, but he was always able to explain it all away. And, Hope fell for lie after lie–hook, line, and sinker.

From the suspicious way his first wife died and his gambling debts to learning he romanced Hope (Kristian Alfonso) on the DiMera payroll, there’s no doubt Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) is a fishy kind of guy. DAYS did try to make us like him, but then did a 180 on the character we won’t soon forget–and neither will Hope.

Soap Hub wanted to know if you buy Aiden’s story of tortured imprisonment or if you think Rafe and Eduardo should team up to do their own investigation on Mr. Jennings.

Out of about 5,000 votes, 95% of you think the Hernandez men better put their considerable investigative skills to work–fast. With Aiden already conspiring with Andre, it looks like trouble is on the horizon with only a few weeks of Hope’s not-so-dead husband back in town. Plus, you love the dynamic between A Martinez and Galen Gering as father and son, so you want to see them work together for a common cause.

What do you think? Post a comment!

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A much smaller 3% think Aiden is telling the whole truth and nothing but. You loved Hope and Aiden together the first time around and relish the idea of a second chance at romance. You wish the best for Rafe, but think it’s time he moves on and leaves Aiden and Hope alone.

The final 2% don’t even care. This back-from-the-dead story is boring you already and it’s barely begun. You find yourself fast-forwarding through Hope and Aiden scenes and it doesn’t matter to you what happens between them.

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