DAYS Far, Far Away: Have Gabi and Stefan DiMera Gone Too Far?

Will they regret it one of these DAYS?

days of our lives stefan and gabi dimera.Have Stefan and Gabi DiMera gone too far?

Gabi and Stefan DiMera really want to run DiMera Enterprises on Days of our Lives. They believe they deserve it more than others. And, when they couldn’t convince the other stockholders of that fact, they moved on to blackmail.

Days of our Lives Polling

They blackmailed Kristen (Stacy Haiduk). And then they blackmailed Li (Remington Hoffman). But, in order to do that, Gabi (Camila Banus) faked a kidnapping, which got Li to admit he’d originally conspired with Megan (Miranda Wilson) to brainwash Harris (Steve Burton) into killing Stefan (Brandon Barash). Did the taut twosome go too far? Soap Hub asked this before the discovery of Li’s most sincerely dead body on Friday.

Gabi DiMera: Almost There

In the great scheme of Salem blackmail, Stefan and Gabi were bad. But they were far from the worst, assure 13% of you. Sure, they lied to Brady (Eric Martsolf). But Brady was kind of dumb to go along with their plan without asking what was in it for them. And, sure, they blackmailed Kristen. But she’s no angel. Neither is Li (well, he might be one now), especially since he tried to have Stefan killed. Everybody was fair game.

Stefan DiMera: In the Blood

It is physically impossible for a DiMera to go too far, adds another 18%. Anything a DiMera does, it’s DiMera appropriate. Which means it’s just right. This is the family that keeps dead people on ice and then brings them back whenever they feel like it. What’s a little blackmail compared to that? And a lie about kidnapping is better than kidnapping…right?

Rearview Mirror For Stefan and Gabi DiMera

Gabi and Stefan have been on a tear ever since they reunited. They passed “too far” a long, long time ago, suggests the remaining 69%. They have no sense of scale anymore, so how would they even know when they’ve crossed the line? Like all DiMeras, they assume that if they want it, then it’s the right thing to do. So what would be too far for normal people, is normal for them. That doesn’t make it all right. It just explains why they are who they are. And are so proud of it, too.

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