DAYS Slam Dunk: Does Gabi DiMera Deserve To Go To Prison?

Why is Gabi Hernandez DiMera the only one repeatedly punished on DAYS?

days of our lives gabi dimera two images.Does Gabi DiMera deserves what's happening to her?

Gabi DiMera is headed to jail — again — for a Days of our Lives crime she did not commit — again. What is it with the Salem justice system? Killers like Kristen, kidnappers like Xander, and blackmailers like Leo are allowed to walk the streets free as a bird, while Gabi is the go-to for prison stripes. Does she deserve this latest trip to the big house?

Gabi DiMera: Close Enough

Sure, Gabi (Camilla Banus) didn’t kill Li (Remington Hoffman) — maybe — but she did lots of other bad stuff, 13% point out. She schemed to frame Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) for abusing Rachel (Finley Rose Slater), and she used Brady (Eric Martsolf) to do it! Also, remember how she kept Will (Chandler Massey) from his true love, Sonny (Zach Tinker)?

Let’s not forget how rude she is to Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) that time! (So, OK, she also planted an explosive timer in her heart, which may have been a bit worse.) The point is, since Gabi didn’t do jail time for all those crimes, it’s only right that she does it for this one.

Bad Worse

And, that’s not all, 42% would like to remind. Gabi also covered up Melanie’s kidnapping, objected to Abigail (Marci Miller) getting away with a crime Gabi was originally framed for, pushed Julie down the stairs and tried to suffocate her with a pillow, and schemed with Stefan (Brandon Barash) to take over DiMera. The point is, she is the worst person who ever walked the streets of Salem and thus should be punished more often than anyone else.

Innocent Party

She, um, didn’t do this, 45% are raising their hands to point out. At least, we don’t know yet for sure if she did or she didn’t. Remember fair trials? Remember a jury of her peers? Remember due process? Salem sure doesn’t.

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