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DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation: Rolf and Li Framed Gabi

Is there more to this DAYS mystery?

days spoilers wild speculation banner over li, rolf, and gabi.

DAYS spoilers sure are making it seem like Gabi stabbed Li — no matter how much she denies it. But, first, Li wasn’t dead like Stefan assumed. (OK, he and Gabi aren’t doctors like Tripp, but was there no visible, you know, breathing?)

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

Now, we’ve been told he’s dead while, just a minute before, we saw him alive with Wendy (Victoria Grace). And this is Salem. So we’re cynical. What if Li (Remington Hoffman) actually isn’t dead? And this is all yet another plot from the Files of Dr. Rolf?

Man About Death

First of all, let’s get real: This is Salem. (Say it in a voice like, “THIS IS SPARTA!”) Nobody dies in Salem. Full stop. And, certainly, nobody dies in Salem when Dr. Rolf is around. And, Dr. Rolf has been around. Dr. Rolf has been around Li. Stefan (Brandon Barash) and Gabi blackmailed him into helping them get Li to confess he schemed with Megan (Miranda Wilson) to kill Stefan. Stefan and Gabi thought they got what they wanted. But, what if Rolf really didn’t appreciate being used in such a manner?

Triple Cross

Rolf has many tricks up his sleeve. He can download and upload memories. He can just generally brainwash. And he can bring people back from the dead. Which is why no one dies in Salem (see above). So what if he used his favorite party trick to fake Li’s death, in order to frame Gabi for killing him? Because Rolf really didn’t appreciate her and Stefan using him. Like, at all.

Scales of Justice

Of course, we do wonder why Gabi is the one who keeps being sent to prison while other Salem killers walk the streets free. But that’s a topic for Paulina’s (Jackeé Harry) Mayoral office to investigate. Like maybe her Civil Rights division.

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