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There’s something fishy going on in Salem and it’s not at the docks. Ciara, who had always been close to her mother, oddly decided she couldn’t live with her anymore and took Chad up on his full-time nanny offer–complete with living quarters. What made things even more bizarre was Hope agreeing to her daughter living in the mansion where she recently shot a man dead.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) also never thought Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) in such close living proximity to an older, married man may not be the best idea. We guess Hope has other things on her mind with a back-from-the-dead husband and all, but we also thought she had more sense. Of course Ciara is now dreaming of kissing Chad (Billy Flynn), in addition to actually kissing Theo (Kyler Pettis) when the chance arises.

To us, this scenario has disaster written all over it, but Soap Hub wanted to know your thoughts so we asked if you think Chad and Ciara will eventually end up together–especially with Abby away and a new actress eventually taking over the role.

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Out of nearly 12,000 votes, 78% of you think pairing Chad and Ciara is a very bad idea that will only end up in more heartache for the teen. You prefer her with sweet Theo and can’t imagine Chad with anyone else but his Abigail. You want DAYS to put the brakes on this budding relationship now, but with the show taping six months in advance, the future is already decided, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.

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A smaller 20% think Chad and Ciara are good for each other and hope they end up as more than just friends. After all, Chad is not THAT much older than her and Hope married Bo, who was a man in his 20s when she was just 19. With a new Abby on the horizon, you’re not sure what will happen and want to see Chad happy and move on if necessary.

The final 2% just don’t care. You’re bored by any story that involves anyone from the teen scene and find yourselves fast-forwarding to more mature plots.

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