Should DAYS’ Alex Kiriakis Have Blabbed To Stephanie About Chad’s Hissy Fit?

Does Stephanie Johnson deserve to know who is controlling her DAYS?

chad, stephanie, and alex kiriakis on days of our lives.Stephanie Johnson appreciated the truth but man was she mad.

On Days of our Lives, Stephanie was very confused when Chad suddenly did a 180 and invited Alex Kiriakis to have dinner with them — and Alex did a spin of his own and politely declined.

Days of our Lives Polling

It happened because Chad (Billy Flynn) stomped his foot and told Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) to go away, Stephanie (Abigail Klein) is his toy now, and he doesn’t want Alex playing with it, OK? OK, Alex said and slunk off. But then it all spilled out during a business meeting. Should it have?

Alex Kiriakis: Go The Distance

Alex was right to come clean with Stephanie, 26% suggest, but now, to prove how he’s the better man who is paying totes attention in therapy, he should still keep his distance. That way, Stephanie can miss him. And she can pout at Chad. Alex will win the battle without ever declaring war.

Days of our Lives: Control Freak

Stephanie had the right to know her new boyfriend is a control freak, 28% of the audience insists. If Chad’s so threatened that he can’t handle Stephanie hanging around with a guy she slept with once (and we literally mean once), Stephanie should get to factor that revelation into whether she wants to keep seeing him. After all, if he’s going to be dictating whom she can and cannot hang out with in her free time, that doesn’t bode well for their future.

Alex Kiriakis: Completely Wrong

But for 47% of you, Chad was right to expect Alex to shut up. Alex and his shirtless chest were being pains in Chad’s pants-full ass. He knew exactly what he was doing whenever he came by for dinner, water, or just to say, “Howdy, neighbors.” Chad was right to call him out on it and to mark his territory. The territory known as Stephanie. Alex running to Stephanie, just makes Alex look worse. He should have stayed quiet.

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