I’ve Had A Few: Will Paulina Regret Hiring Leo Stark on Days of our Lives?

We are out of the frying pan…into the fire!

Days of our Lives Paulina Price Carver and Leo Stark

Paulina Price Carver is so desperate to cover up whatever it is that she’s fixing for Chanel Dupree that she is willing to get into bed with Leo Stark — figuratively speaking — on Days of our Lives. It doesn’t get more desperate than that. Will she end up regretting the opportunistic alliance?

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Everyone regrets getting involved with Leo (Greg Rikaart)…sooner or later, 46% of the voters remind. Sonny Kiriakis (Zach Tinker)…Craig Wesley (Kevin Spirtas)…his own mother. Why does Paulina (Jackée Harry) think she’ll be any different? This is the guy who is angry with his attorney because she dares demand to be paid for her services. How long before Leo decides Paulina owes him more than she’s willing to give?

Leo Stark —Master Manipulator

We don’t know what Chanel (Raven Bowens) did, but we do know that Leo is the expert when it comes to wriggling out of desperate situations. At least his own. Paulina is counting on the right person, 32% of the audience agrees. Leo will do whatever he needs to for money. Which means Leo will do whatever he needs to for Chanel…in order to get her mother’s money. And she’ll be in even worse trouble.

DAYS: Short-Term Good

Leo will manage to pull off something in the short run, 22% of you sigh, but he is just as likely to make things worse in the long run. Even if he gets the evidence, Sloan Petersen has on Chanel, what’s to stop him from then using it to blackmail Paulina himself? We already know the guy has no scruples. He was willing to blackmail his BFF Gwen’s (Emily O’Brien) father, so why wouldn’t he turn on a family of total strangers? Sloan is, at least, a professional. Leo is just slime.

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