Days of our Lives New Love: Whom Should Talia Hunter Fall For?

So many romantic options in Salem!

talia hunter on days of our lives double image of herWhich person should catch Talia Hunter's eye?

Talia Hunter has been on Days of our Lives for multiple days now, and she doesn’t yet have a love interest. What’s wrong with her? We’re here to fix that problem in a jiffy! Here’s what the viewers are hoping to see happen:

Days of our Lives: Hand Me Down

Since Rafe (Galen Gering) is the Police Commissioner and Jada (Elia Cantu) is his subordinate, they can’t date. You know how serious Salem PD is about following rules. Which means Rafe is fair game for Talia (Aketra Sevillian), and 11% of the audience would like to see that happen. Talia can either support them, or she can impede them. Either way, it could be fun to watch.

Talia Hunter: Two of a Kind

Isn’t it obvious, 16% of you can’t even believe this is being debated. It’s going to be Chanel (Raven Bowens). They have baking in common! It’s what worked for Chanel and Allie (Lindsay Arnold), after all. They can work together, they can live together. Because it worked so well for Chanel and Allie. But Chanel and Talia have even more in common than Chanel and Allie ever did. Isn’t it obvious…?

DAYS: Dancing in the Buff

We’re rooting for Tripp (Lucas Adams), a winning 73% counter. He’s been at loose ends ever since Allie – there’s that name again – dumped him. He’s living with Wendy (Victoria Grace), but that’s totally platonic. Or else Johnny (Carson Boatman) might stomp his foot and cry. So no Tripp and Wendy. But Tripp and Talia would be fun. They’re both doctors, after all, even if Talia is mysteriously exploring her culinary options at the moment. And their dads were super good friends. This is a match made in soap opera heaven. They can be sweet and romantic together. We’re not sure what the story would be, but there would be so much pretty…

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