Better Off Dead: Should Clyde Have No More Days of our Lives Left?

Is it time for someone in Salem to really die – and stay that way?

Days of our Lives Clyde Weston

How many lives does Clyde Weston have on Days of our Lives, anyway? He should have been spending most of it in prison, yet he keeps getting out. And he keeps cheating death.

Days of our Lives Polling

His most recent escape was after Chad DiMera shot him. Now he’s in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. Should this have been the end of the road for the baddie?

DAYS: He Had It Coming

The man has no redeemable qualities, 60% of the audience reminds. There is no reason for him to keep on living. He’s proven that he can’t change. He’s proven that he doesn’t want to change. And he’s proven that he’s basically a rabid dog, who needs to be put down for society’s own good, rather than being allowed to roam free. No restorative justice circles for this con!

Days of our Lives: Who Cares?

It doesn’t matter to us what happens to him, 28% of voters dismiss him without a look back. Clyde (James Read) can never be anything but a villain. Can you imagine what Salem would be like if those who’d committed murder – and tried to pin it on someone innocent – were allowed to just settle down as regular citizen, loved by all and sundry, and reassured that everyone deserves a second chance? It would be anarchy. Not to mention, how would the innocent ever be able to look down on the guilty with smug satisfaction? He might as well die.

DOOL: Son Shine

Only 12% think that Clyde should remain alive because, otherwise, it would make Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) sad. And pretty people should never be sad. Ben is living the good life now with Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal), and little baby Bo – on a boat, no less! Why harsh his vibe with a dead dad? Clyde as a criminal? That Ben can live with. He’s used to that!

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