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Gabi Admits Her Forbidden Love for Chad

Days of Our LivesDays of Our Lives

Suppressed feelings are thrust to the surface for Chad and Gabi on Days of Our Lives when Deimos kidnaps the duo and forces them to fight for survival – in a freezer.

“You have this relationship where Chad and Gabi are trying to stay away from each other. They’re trying not to have any physical contact, because the minute they do they want to just eat each other up,” sets up Camila Banus (Gabi). “Then, Deimos puts them in a situation where they have to be together.”

Locked Up
After catching the pair snooping in the Kiriakis mansion with the hard drive connected to the coveted Orwell device in hand, a furious Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) takes them hostage and tosses them in a freezer. One of his henchmen knocks Chad (Billy Flynn) unconscious, and Gabi rushes to his side to tend him.

“Chad and Gabi were trying to take some time apart,” notes Banus. “But circumstances have brought them together, again. Now, they’re in this dangerous situation.”

Things are grave. The twosome find themselves alone and fighting for their lives, as they do whatever they have to do to survive.

Naked and Afraid
“When you’re in subzero temperatures, you have to keep warm with body heat. Right?” delivers Banus with a chuckle. “It was interesting for Billy and me and kind of funny. First, we had to take our clothes off [for a storyline], because it was so hot. Now, we had to take our clothes off in the freezer, because it was so cold.”

Banus and Flynn shot the scenes where their characters stripped down to their birthday suits underneath a heavy tarp, where things were actually anything but cold.

“It was so freaking hot,” admits Banus. “We were both in shorts, and I was in a top. We were sweating so much, but we had to act like we were freezing. We had to be shivering like we were about to die of hypothermia. I was sweating, and I never sweat. It was so hot, because we were so close and there was so much body heat under this tarp. It was a funny set of scenes.”

Honoring Abigail
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