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Gabi and Harris Who? What Ava and Stefan’s Ultimate Act of Betrayal Means For DAYS

Stefan and Ava had other things on their minds. Sorry, Gabi and Harris!

days of our lives february 2, 2024, ava and stefan.Alcohol and faithfulness do not mix for Stefan and Ava.

In the Friday, February 2 episode of Days of our Lives, Stefan and Ava ate sushi, slurped wine and tequila shots, and then, ultimately, had sex. Yes, their fake relationship got a lot more real considering they each have a significant other waiting in the wings. What does this act of betrayal mean for these two reluctant drug dealers? Nothing good.

Downward Spiral

Both Stefan (Brandon Barash) and Ava (Tamara Braun) are in a desperate place thanks to their choices and Clyde (James Read) capitalizing on their vulnerabilities. For months, he’s trapped them into working for him — they not only run The Bistro, but they also run the tainted drugs that’s currently the focus of Salem’s drug crisis.

Little by little, Stefan and Ava are compromising and sacrificing certain things in their lives. Stefan will do anything to keep an imprisoned Gabi safe and Ava dropped her budding relationship with a heartsick Harris (Steve Burton). Actually, she even tried to encourage Tripp to leave town and move to China with Wendy. That move backfired, of course.

Needless to say, the two are completely miserable, and on Friday, they drowned their sorrows in alcohol (Stefan), sushi and romance novels (Ava), and sex.

Wild, Drunken, Romance-Novel Worthy Sex

Before a buzzed Stefan knocked on her door, Ava read a book that featured steamy words and actions. Well, Stefan’s arrival instantly put an end to Ava’s solo night in favor of downing bottles of wine, a lot of whining about their respective predicaments, and later, tequila shots.

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Next thing you know, the conversation veered from Gabi and Harris to their recent sexy talk phone session. After that, the two got hot and heavy all over her son’s apartment. The soundtrack to this unexpected moment that Stefan and Ava will wholeheartedly regret once they’re sober? Ava’s voiceover reading the heated text straight out of her romance novel. Yikes.

What’s Next?

What’s next for Ava and Stefan? A whole mess of feelings that begin and end with guilt, that’s what awaits them. Stefan’s wife isn’t gone forever. Gabi is currently in prison and will be back (should DAYS recast Gabi AKA Camila Banus). For a robocop (Stefan’s word), Harris’s superpower is actually figuring out what’s going on with Ava. Which means she better figure out how to better her poker face.

Thanks to their out of control lives, which they’ve made infinitely more chaotic, Stefan and Ava have planning to do before they have explaining to do. How will they keep this ultimate act of betrayal a secret from Gabi and Harris? Will they be able to? Up until now, Stefan’s basically told Gabi and her broken leg, everything. And Ava and Harris have been inching back to a more substantial relationship.

And what does this mean for Stefan and Ava? Was this a one-off one-night stand? Is it drug dealing and awkward silences from here on out? Because at some point something will have to give. And secrets never stay secret for long, especially in Salem, USA.

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