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Do You Think Lucas and Adrienne Will Make It After This?

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A drunken Lucas made love to Bonnie, who’s been masquerading as his beloved Adrienne on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

The poor guy went into a tailspin when “Adrienne” (Judi Evans) suddenly ended their relationship. Drinking to numb the pain, Lucas confronted her at the Salem Inn, admitting his whole world was crumbling and he couldn’t lose her, too.

Then, he pulled her into a kiss. “Adrienne” responded, and they ended up making love.

Soap Hub asked Days of Our Lives fans if you think Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and the real Adrienne will be able to make it after this turn. Over 6000 of you shared your thoughts.

Not So Sure
Some 43% of you aren’t quite sure what to make of the situation yet, so you can’t venture a guess as to how it will affect Lucas and Adrienne’s future.

Since Lucas was drunk, he didn’t notice that something was off and he was in bed with Adrienne lookalike Bonnie.

By the time he suspected something was off, it was too late. They’d already had sex. How the real Adrienne reacts to it all is anybody’s guess.

No, He Bedded Bonnie

Meanwhile, 28% of fans believe that drunk or not drunk, Lucas should have realized the difference between Bonnie and Adrienne immediately. After all, he was in bed with her.

The fact that he made love to Bonnie is unforgivable, and Adrienne won’t be able to get over it. And, frankly, you won’t blame her one bit.

Yes, He Thought Bonnie Was Adrienne
The final 28% of you don’t blame Lucas for what happened. He thought Bonnie was Adrienne, and they do look exactly alike.

Plus, he was drunk as a skunk and seriously impaired. Adrienne will understand Lucas’s transgression and forgive him, and the duo will be able to reconcile and move on with their lives together.

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