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By JEve! Are Jack and Eve Hot Or Not On Days Of Our Lives?

Jack and Eve Days of Our LivesJack and Eve Days of Our Lives

Jack and Eve may be married on Days Of Our Lives, but does that mean they’re throwing off sparks from their red, hot love? Is this a marriage of convenience, a high school revenge plot, or a love meant to last? What over 12000 voters had to say:

Landslide Of Love
It wasn’t even close, as a whopping 97% of you shrieked not just “NOT” but “Absolutely NOT!” You do not find anything appealing about Eve (Kassie DePaiva) and Jack (Matthew Ashford).

Let’s review: She is a power-hungry Lady Macbeth happy to use whichever way the political winds blow to her own advantage, even if her pretzel logic barely makes any sense.

He is an amnesiac who’ll go along with anything she says, not even because he believes in her or her causes, but because it’s easier than thinking for himself. That’s not hot. That’s pathetic. For both of them.

Eve is obviously only out to stick it to Salem, the town where she never felt one hundred percent welcome. And, of course, to Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). She never liked Jennifer. She always wanted whatever Jennifer had. Now Eve has Jack, and Jennifer doesn’t. Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah. That’s not exactly a sexy attitude, either.

Minority Opinion
Only 3% of the audience is digging this. Jack is finally interesting! He finally has a purpose in life beyond panting after Jennifer — and regularly coming back from the dead. (Seriously, how does anyone even pretend to mourn him anymore?)

Eve has brought back the early, less-than-saintly Jack. The one who was ambitious, smug…and snarky. Now, we’re not saying to take Jack all the way back to his entitled rapist days. But he shouldn’t be a walking wash rag, either.

Let’s see Jack with an edge, let’s see him doing something for himself — and let’s see him doing it with a woman who likes him for who he really is — and not whom she’d like to idealize him into being.

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