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The Plot Thickens: How to Bring Eileen Davidson Back to DAYS

Eileen Davidson on Days of Our LivesEileen Davidson on Days of Our Lives

Soap superstar Eileen Davidson is headed back to Days of Our Lives (DOOL), the show where she earned the 2014 Outstanding Lead Actress Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Kristen DiMera.

Of course, that’s not the only role Davidson has played on the daytime drama over the years. She’s also brought quadruplets Susan Banks, Sister Mary Moira, Penelope Kent, and Thomas Banks to life.

DAYS is keeping mum about who Davidson will be playing this time around, which is pretty much a dead giveaway that she’ll be reviving one or more of the Banks quads. But which ones? And will the believed-dead Kristen be in the mix, too?

Here are four scenarios for Davidson’s return.

She’s Alive
Did you really believe Kristen was a goner after the fight with Marlena (Deidre Hall) that sent her plummeting out the window, into the river and swept off to her “death” in Italy?

Of course not! Turns out Kristen found refuge in France where she’s been biding her time and regaining her strength, while trying to figure out the best time to return to true love Brady.

Once she learns Nicole is no longer in the picture, she’ll resurface in Salem to reconnect with her brokenhearted ex, eager to help him raise young Tate.

Sister Act II
Sister Mary Moira is transferred to St. Luke’s, longtime parish of the Brady family. Marlena encounters the nun, while she’s visiting a patient at the hospital, and asks about Susan.

The nun is curt and cryptic. She’s clearly hiding something about her sister. Marlena is intrigued and asks John (Drake Hogestyn) to investigate. He pays a visit to the nun, who finally admits that Susan had a complete breakdown after EJ’s death.

John offers to help. Sister Mary Moira wonders how Marlena will feel about that, considering he and Susan were once “married.”

Susan Spiralling
Susan resurfaces in England. She’s down and out, and Edmund has abandoned her. She feels as if she has nothing to live for. Sister Mary Moira calls and informs her about John’s visit. She suggests Susan return to Salem, where she has friends and family.

Susan contemplates what to do, telling Sister Mary Moira that she has unfinished business she needs to tend to first — business that involves her late son and exacting revenge on the people responsible for his death.

The worried nun contacts John and informs him of Susan’s whereabouts. He heads off to get to the bottom of things with Marlena in tow.

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