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Happy As a Clami? Is Claire the Next Sami on Days Of Our Lives?

Sami and Claire Days of Our LivesSami and Claire Days of Our Lives

Hmmm…whom does Days Of Our Lives’ Claire remind viewers of? Let’s see… Long, flowing, blond hair? Check. Big, blue eyes that tend to get bigger when proclaiming innocence? Check. A complex family situation? Check. Brady/Horton DNA? Check.

And, oh, yeah, Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) is a serious sociopath. Is this cabin-burning, immigrant-exposing, boyfriend-stealing vixen a chip of the old Aunt Sami (Alison Sweeney)? Over 3,000 fans weighed in!

One And Only
Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby, 58% of you are singing, and the one and only original Sami Brady is…Sami Brady.

Claire is just a wannabe. Has Claire stolen a baby and sold it on the black market? (Outside of Marlena’s heaven vision, that is.) Has Claire slept with a pair of brothers and passed one’s baby off as another’s? Has she stolen her sister’s man? (Ciara is her aunt… that’s totally different.)

Sure, Claire may have jumped into attempted murder quicker, but that just means she’s worse at the subtle approach. This little girl has a long way to go before she’s even in Sami’s league!

Blood Will Tell
On the other hand, 41% of you are finding everything Claire does extremely familiar. Sami’s horrible behavior was triggered by a combination of being raped and catching mom Marlena (Deidre Hall) having sex with John (Drake Hogysten) on a boardroom table.

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It’s how Belle (Martha Madison) came to be! Sami’s loyalty was to her dad, Roman (Josh Taylor), even though John is actually the one who raised her while both Roman and Marlena were presumed dead. That set-up left the poor thing confused.

Claire didn’t have it as bad but was originally believed to be Phillip’s child, then her parents played musical partners for a while with Mimi (Farrah Fath), and then they moved out of Salem.

That’s plenty to confuse a sensitive soul like Claire. And make her want to fix internet voting contests to start…and set cabins on fire with Ciara (Victoria Konefal) unconscious in the bed to finish.

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