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SAY WHAT???? You’ll NEVER Believe Where Holly Ends Up Now!!!

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What would a moment of happiness be without a moment of heartache for Brady and Nicole on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

It’s certainly not what the couple is used to. And, sadly, it’s more of the same for daytime’s doomed duo.

Chloe Speaks Out
First: the happiness. At Nicole’s hearing, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) spoke out on her former bestie’s behalf. She insisted that Nicole is a good person, who only ran off with Holly because she was consumed with grief. Nicole (Arianne Zucker) loves her child and simply wanted to be with her.

Afterwards, Chloe takes things a step further. She announces that she’s decided to give Holly back to her biological mother and move to New York.

“Chloe has had a dramatic change of heart… a 180, so to speak,” Eric Martsolf (Brady) tells Soap Hub. “It comes much to the liking of Brady and Nicole, and it also comes as a shock. They were of the understanding that Chloe was going to take Holly away, and she had every right to do so.”

Happy Together
Life seems perfect for Brady and Nicole. “Brady has extremely high hopes for their family and what they’re going to become,” notes Martsolf. “With everything that happened in Canada and Chloe’s turnaround, he believes that this family is finally going to be solidified and they’re going to get their happy ending.”

Happy ending… for Brady and Nicole? That doesn’t seem possible, does it? Apparently, not. The judge also has say on the the fate of baby Holly.

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He stuns Nicole and decides she isn’t fit to be a parent and rules that the child must be placed in foster care.

Curve Ball from the Court
“The court supersedes Chloe’s sentimental decision and determines that because of Nicole’s record and past, she’s unfit to have Holly,” says Martsolf. “It creates a whole curve ball effect.”

Nicole is devastated. So it’s up to Brady to help her through this tough time and make her see that they can persevere together.

Brady to the Rescue
“Brady is definitely putting on his armor and attempting to be the Lancelot to Nicole’s Guinevere,” sums up Martsolf. “He’s determined to solve the situation. If the court won’t allow their family to be happy, he’s going to intervene and make sure they are happy.

“His position with Nicole is just to have faith and that everything will work out as it is meant to be,” he continues. “This has been a long time coming. These two friends, historically, were meant to be together in the end and Brady firmly believes that. He’s going to push that circle into a square hole if he has to.”

Brady’s determined to do whatever it takes to ensure his and Nicole’s happily ever after.

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