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Eve and Brady?! Eric Martsolf On This TWISTED Days of Our Lives Pairing

Eve and Brady Days of Our LivesEve and Brady Days of Our Lives

Haters turn into lovers faster than you can say, “Your place or mine?” on daytime–especially on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

If their current combative relationship is any indication, it certainly looks like there could be a twisted affair in the offing for Brady and Eve–particularly, since the twosome are about to lock lips in an unexpected kiss.

Fabulous Foes
“The ping pong that we have with each other is interesting,” acknowledges Eric Martsolf, who plays Brady opposite Kassie DePaiva’s Eve. “Eve’s spicy and very much a formidable foe for Brady.”

Just like DePaiva is a powerful screen partner for Martsolf. “Kassie has been around such a long time and her work ethic has never strayed. She wants to run lines whenever she has a free minute. She’s a work horse, and she’s good.”

As fans know, Brady and Eve have been at each other’s throats, since Eve returned to Salem and announced she was Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) widow.

The news hit Brady and Victor (John Aniston) like a ton of bricks, particularly when Eve announced her plans to take her rightful place in the Kiriakis mansion, business, and multimillion dollar empire.

The Line Between Love and Hate
But will all the animosity and sparring between Brady and Eve eventually lead to passion, as in the duo hitting the sheets? Obviously, Martsolf can’t say, although he admits that he’s seen that story turn before.

“I think argumentation is now synonymous with foreplay in soap opera,” delivers Martsolf with a laugh. “You either bump into each other randomly and an instant spark happens, or you have to fight like cats and dogs in order to get into bed.”

It’s gotten to the point where viewers can see the story coming a mile away, because it’s so predictable.

Unorthodox Twists
“I agree with you,” admits Martsolf. “I think that’s been done a little too many times, but we love soap opera. So it’s an, ‘if it ain’t broken, let’s not fix it’ kind of thing. That seems to be the mentality sometimes. But I do think there’s room for some ingenuity.”

To hear Martsolf tell it, there’s plenty of that in what’s brewing down the line with Brady and Eve.

“There are many ways to tell a story,” explains Martsolf. “And this one does take its twists and turns. I was very surprised reading the scripts. I’d wonder, Why Eve would say this? Or why Brady would do that?

“These are two very volatile people, as well,” the actor continues. “I think fans are going to be surprised [to see the direction this story takes]. It’s not traditional. There are aspects about it that are very unorthodox.”

Family Ties
Like the fact that Eve is the sister of Brady’s ex, Theresa (Jenn Lilley), and aunt to their young son, Tate.

“You can’t avoid the sister thing. If I’m going after Theresa’s sister, it’s weird. And it’s going to get funny,” points out Martsolf, no doubt referring to Lilley’s pending return to DAYS in 2018.

Should an Eve and Brady coupling materialize, it won’t be the first time Brady’s gotten involved with someone who hits a little too close to home.

“First it was Kristen (Eileen Davidson),” Martsolf points out. “My dad’s old girlfriend.”

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Brady ends up crossing that line, again, with his baby mama’s sister.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for air times.

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