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Sin City Summer: Eric Martsolf Is Heading to Vegas

Eric Martsolf of Days of Our LivesEric Martsolf

It’s going to be a Sin City summer for Days of Our Lives’ Eric Martsolf (Brady).

“I’m doing a fun little gig in Las Vegas,” says Martsolf. “I was invited to host the Legends in Concert show at the Flamingo [from June 27 through July 15]. They’ve never done it before.

“It’s the longest running show in Vegas. It’s been going on for 34 years. They decided in their crazy wisdom to allow me to host it for three weeks, while we’re dark at the DAYS studio.”

Tribute to the Stars
The show celebrates famous icons of the past. And it gives audiences a chance to experience live the most captivating music, fashion, and memories of these true legends.

“It’s a tribute show to people who were the best at what they do,” explains Martsolf. “This particular show is going to feature four of them: Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Dusty Springfield.

“The girl (Katy Setterfield) who’s portraying Dusty won the BBC1/Endemol show, The One & Only. She’s an award-winning impersonator. All these folks are awesome at what they do. I’m humbled that they’re allowing me to come in and wreck their party for a couple of weeks.”

Channeling the King
Martsolf will be getting into the act, too. “Word on the street is they’re going to let me do some Elvis songs,” shares Martsolf. “Right before their 70s Elvis goes on, I will portray the younger version. It’s really cool. It’s just something you don’t say no to.”

Martsolf, who comes from the stage, is thrilled to get the chance to get back on it. “My first real gig as a professional was portraying The Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat,” he recounts.

“It was on The Osmonds’ tour of Joseph. Alan Osmond, who was the eldest son [from the 70s group], had all his sons in the show. David Osmond played Joseph.

“I did that show for four years, so I spoofed Elvis, so to speak,” Marsolf continues. “At the same time I had to really study the man and his mannerisms in order to pull it off.

“It’s just interesting that at this time in my career — almost 18 years later — this Elvis situation comes back into my life. I said, ‘What the heck. I did him back then. I can do him now.’”

The Osmonds Connection
Coincidentally, the Osmonds connection still abides. “One of the most ironic things about this is that I’ll be doing the show in the Donny & Marie Showroom at the Flamingo,” points out Martsolf.

“It’s where they do their show. So it’s kind of a whole serendipitous thing for me. Here I am doing Elvis again in an Osmond scenario almost 20 years later.”

And Martsolf can’t wait to get started. “The stage was my first introduction to the world of entertainment,” says Martsolf. “I come from a theme park. I come from a Broadway tour.

“That was where I established my roots early on, and I’ve always loved it. You get that immediate gratification of an audience. If you do well, that is. If they clap for you, that’s a lovely thing. I’m looking forward to it.”

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