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Election Day: Who Should Be the Next Mayor on Days Of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives Election February 27Days of Our Lives Election

On Days Of Our Lives, elections can happen whenever the good people of Salem feel like it. So there’s one going on now. For Mayor.

They just had a debate in the town square, moderated by one of the candidate’s former employees. Who is also a close family friend. If that’s not impartial, we don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, one of the potential candidates was goaded into betraying his son’s trust, and decided to take over the questioning from the aformetioned moderator. His ex-wife. Mother of said son. Salem is a very small town.

Since everyone knows everyone else, voting is cinch. Who do you think should be the next mayor? We counted almost 16,000 votes:

Stay the Course
Abe’s (James Reynolds) been a great mayor, 90% of you insist. So what if crime is rampant, his police commissioner spent months trying to railroad an innocent man, and his assistant is giving out internet passwords to the first guy with a cool accent to kiss her hand.

But… uhm… Abe has a great anti-poverty program! We assume so, anyway, since everyone seems to have the money for designer clothes and exotic vacations, even those without a visible source of income.

What do you think? Post a comment!

And Salem likely has healthcare for all, as no one complains about medical bills. Maybe Abe gets the money to pay for it by skimping on hospital security. So, stay the course, vote for Abe. And ignore everything else.

New To You
You know how everyone says we need fresh voices in politics? Not the same old same old? Well, Jack (Matthew Ashford) is perfect, then, 6% of you cheer. He doesn’t remember anything. He’s a blank slate! The Clean Slate Candidate should be your choice.

Minority Report
Only 4% of you would vote for Melinda. She spent years as District Attorney, prosecuting people you love. Sure, they were guilty, and she was only doing her job. But that should be enough to disqualify her. Plus, she harbored an undocumented immigrant and this is America in 2019.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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