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Which Days Of Our Lives Double Wedding Duo Is Destined To Last?

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On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), Abby and Chad, and Paul and Sonny are sharing a wedding date… but do they share a destiny? Which of these two couples is headed for happily ever after, and which is on their way to splitsville? A whopping 15,000 viewers read the tea leaves to make a prediction!

And Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
There is no reason to be crabby, Chabby, AKA Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abby (Marci Miller), are your far and away, 70% odds-on favorites to stick together through thick and thin. They’ve already cheated death — how much harder could the future be?

Double Up
Why do we have to choose, whine 17% of the audience. Why can’t we have a happy ending for both? It’s not like romance is a zero-sum game.

Chad and Abby living in connubial bliss doesn’t take anything away from Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Paul (Sean Christopher). You want it all!

Double Down
They’re both doomed, counter a much less optimistic 11%.

Helllooooo. It’s a soap. Nobody lives happily every after.

And, if they do, it’s because they’re so old the writers can’t think of anything else to do with them besides write cute makeout scenes (right, Doug and Julie? Maggie and Victor?) or because they’ve written them into a corner… and off the show. As long as either Chabby or Paulson are onscreen, happiness is going to be forever out of reach.

Sonny DAYS Are Here Again
A scant 2% of fans think Sonny and Paul have a chance to make it for the long haul. Is it because the rest of you expect Will to return for his husband? Or maybe for the guy he cheated on his husband with?

Or because you expect Sonny to be torn between his new husband and some guy who looks a whole heck of a lot like his last husband? Either way, you’re not optimistic.

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