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Did Nicole REALLY Kill Deimos on Days of Our Lives?

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Nicole has remembered struggling over a knife with Deimos and watching him crumble to the floor at the Martin House on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

The vivid memory has convinced Nicole that she murdered Deimos, when he admitted to rigging Holly’s custody hearing. After listening to Nicole’s confession, Brady (Eric Martsolf) insisted she keep mum. Her future with her daughter Holly depends on it. He’s vowed not to let Nicole go to prison for the crime.

But is Nicole (Arianne Zucker) really the culprit? Or did someone else intervene and finish off Deimos? Fans weighed in Soap Hub’s poll.

Yes, She Did It
Some 24% of you have taken Nicole’s confession at face value and believe she really did kill Deimos. She certainly had the motivation to do the deed.

Her memories of the night of the murder are too vivid to ignore. However, you believe there were extenuating circumstances.

Deimos pushed Nicole over the edge by taunting her about Holly and admitting he was the reason she lost her baby girl. And that’s why she attacked him.

No, She’s Innocent
Surprisingly, Nicole’s memory of that fateful night has not convinced 63% of you of her guilt. Yes, you believe she struggled with Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) over the knife and that he ended up stabbed. But it doesn’t mean that stab wound is what killed him.

You think someone found Deimos clinging to life after his fight with Nicole and that that person is the one who plunged the knife into Deimos again and ended his miserable life.

Maybe, Maybe Not
Since Nicole was under the effects of Halo the night of the murder, 13% of you aren’t sure what to make of her memories. Some of them could be real and true. Some of them could be fuzzy and altered because of the drug. So maybe she did kill him. Or maybe she didn’t. It’s a crap shoot.

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