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Exclusive: Christopher Sean Teases Plane Crash Leads To Eerie Murder Mystery and More!

Christopher Sean on Days of our LivesChristopher Sean on Days of our Lives

A plane crash leaves Paul, Sonny, Chad, Gabi, Eli, JJ and Lani stranded on an island on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), kicking off an eerie murder mystery storyline.

“Everyone is working together and delegating responsibility to find shelter, to collect what they have, and to figure how long they have rations to survive,” sets up Christopher Sean.

“There’s a lot of fear, but there’s also quite a bit of hope. Common sense kicks in pretty quickly. They chartered a flight and think that once people figure out they’re missing, they’ll start looking for them.”

A Deadly Discovery
Unfortunately, the positive vibe doesn’t last long, because JJ (Casey Moss) and Lani (Sal Stowers) find a dead body.

It makes the stranded seven realize they’ll have to fight for their lives. Plus, a secret of the island is revealed when one of them catches an illness with serious side effects, testing everyone’s character.

“It immediately becomes a crime scene in a sense,” notes Sean. “There’s a dead body, and they’ve got to figure out what’s going on… what happened. A lot of theories are thrown around.

“Is there or is there not someone who’s a menace on this island? Plus, there’s the fear that all of this is tied in with the amulet. Is that a reason this is all happening or not? There’s the superstition that follows that amulet.”

It all means “more conflict and drama,” says Sean. “Things heat up really quickly. The murder mystery begins and many of Salem’s heroes are accused of the crime.”

But, has one of the seven island dwellers really been transformed into a killer?

“Within the cast nothing can be perfect or else we wouldn’t have soap opera,” rationalizes Sean. “There’s got to be a bad guy. Amongst the cast, [viewers] have to figure out which one of us becomes ‘the bad guy.’”

Ready for Action
Upon reading the script and the initial scenes following the plane crash, Sean admits he was intrigued and a tad worried.

“I thought, I need to start losing weight. I’m going to be shirtless. I need to work out,” he admits with laugh.

“I was also excited, because the group of actors who were chosen to be part of the island storyline are all my friends. I really enjoy working with them, so I was excited for what was to come.”

And the prospect of being part of real guy’s storyline – namely, running around and fighting for survival – was also right up Sean’s alley.

“Absolutely,” he declares. “Who doesn’t want to feel like Rambo? You’re out there in primitive nature following your animal instincts being a hunter and a gatherer.”

Channeling Lost
The story twist also reminded Sean of the defunct ABC hit…continue reading on the next page —>

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