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Days of our Lives Recap, Friday, June 28: Claire Is DONE

Days of Our Lives Recap FridayDays of Our Lives Recap Friday

The Days of our Lives recap for Friday, June 28 features a crazy freak out and an insane plot. The bad girls did their things with startling results.

A Close Call
Ciara (Victoria Konefal) and Tripp’s (Lucas Adams) plan went off the rails when Eve (Kassie DePaiva) texted Claire (Oliva Rose Keegan) a warning. They’re out to get you, it said.

Well, that set Claire off something fierce. Her rage bubbled over, she grabbed a knife and held it to Tripp’s throat. She almost killed him when she drew blood but stopped before she went too far.

Meanwhile, Ben opened up to Marlena and told her everything. Thankfully, the doc believed him. They rushed over to the loft to check on things and were shocked by a gruesome scene.

Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) and Xander (Paul Telfer) shared a rather odd evening. It began with accusations, turned into why she was alone on her wedding night and ended in some time talking on the couch.

She made it clear it would not go further, though. That was good enough, he said, and gave her Ted’s (Gilles Marini) necklace as a “wedding gift.” Big mistake.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) was on a mission to find Ted and gently pressured “Nicole” for answers. Of course, she didn’t get them. All that did was alert Kristen and forced her to jump into action.

She charged up Ted’s phone and sent a breakup text. It’s over, it’s done, and Ted was leaving town. Hope almost fell for it too — until she saw Sarah wearing the necklace.

Almost There
Meanwhile, in the tunnels, Kate (Lauren Koslow) came to and she and Ted quickly put the puzzle pieces together. There is something going on with Nicole and Kate is sure it has something to do with Kristen (Stacy Haiduk), Holly’s fake death, Xander coming back — it all screams Kristen.

Plus, Kate was sure she heard her voice in Nicole’s room. Kristen must be working with Xander and blackmailing Nicole, right? So close, Kate. NO cigar.

Here to Stay
Haley’s (Thia Megia) arrival was a shock but finding out she was staying was the highlight of JJ’s (Casey Moss) day. Melinda pulled in some favors and a friend came through.

Haley gets to live stateside while she’s waiting on a visa. There’s still a chance she’ll have to leave one day but at least they have the here and now. JJ and Haley declared their love and basked in each other’s glow. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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