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Days of Our Lives Poll: Should Party Pooper Princess Gina Return?

Princess Gina Days of Our LivesPrincess Gina Days of Our Lives

Ruh-roh, Days of Our Lives. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) has been acting super strangely. She’s forgetting things. Snapping at people. Rubbing the back of her neck. We know what that means… welcome back, Princess Gina!

After Hope was presumed dead, she came back to Salem… with amnesia. And then she remembered she was Princess Gina. Of course, in the end, true love won out and Bo (Peter Reckell) helped her to remember that Princess Gina was just a personality Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) implanted in her.

And now… wouldn’t you know it… Hope is gazing upon a portrait of the Big Man himself. We know what that means… But will fans stand for it? How almost 15,000 feel about the plot twist:

Days of Our Lives Poll Results: Let It Be

Leave Hope alone, 92% of you are practically chanting. Hasn’t the woman been through enough? She lost the love of her life. Then the guy she found after Bo turned out to be a killer. And the guy after him was a sleazy lawyer…who got killed. Oh, yeah, and there was Rafe. She married him, but it didn’t last long.

Her daughter is dating a serial killer, her half-sister/stepmother just survived a heart transplant, and her ex is playing house with another nut-case… and her baby.

What do you think? Post a comment!

The last thing she needs is a new personality to deal with. Or a kingdom. The back of Hope’s head may be itchy. But she doesn’t deserve to lose it to a revolution.

Back In Black

A Princess Gina return would be fun, a much smaller 8% of Days of Our Lives fans cheer. Seriously, how much dour, edgy Hope are you supposed to take? Let’s bring out the ballgowns and the tiaras… and the entitled attitude.

If we’re not going to get Bo and Hope, we might as well do a 180 and see her as Stefano’s bad girl. And, hey, didn’t Gina have a thing for John (Drake Hogysten) once upon a time? Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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