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Days of Our Lives Poll: Are You Team Gabi Or Team Lani?

Lani and Gabi Days of Our LivesLani and Gabi Days of Our Lives

Poor Gabi thought she had finally found a modicum of happiness on Days of Our Lives when her revenge-or-bust schemes against Stefan evolved into a ride-or-die love affair. But then her husband ran in front of a speeding bullet meant for his pistol-packing mama and didn’t survive.

Now Gabi (Camila Banus) is hell-bent on exacting revenge against Lani Price (Sal Stowers) — the cop who fired the fatal shot. At first, Gabi thought she’d be satiated by the image of her rival down on her knees, hands clasped, and begging profusely for forgiveness and the DiMera widow’s benevolence but…it just wasn’t enough.

On further reflection, Gabi concluded that Lani’s little act of contrition didn’t begin to come close to making up for Stefan’s loss. After going back to the drawing board, Gabi decided that what she needs in order to finally feel that Lani has suffered just about as much as she has is for Lani to dump Eli at the altar.

And to ensure that Lani complies, Gabi has surreptitiously hijacked the controls to Julie’s new high-tech pacemaker and promised that Eli’s grandmother will be a dead woman if her demand is ignored.

But is this move the final straw for fans of Rafe’s little sister? Has she finally gone too far to ever be redeemed again? Or are her drastic actions justified and her pain understood? Soap Hub asked readers if they were Team Gabi or Team Lani, and here’s what over 14,000 had to say.

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Days of Our Lives Poll Results: Revenge Minded

A little over 50% of you are team Gabi all the way! You wonder why this gorgeous, talented woman can never catch a break. First, she married an abusive psychopath that she had to go and kill. Then, it was two nightmarish stints in the pokey and now the love of her life is dead and buried — and she didn’t even really toss that no good Lani in the hole with him!

Off the Rails

Not so fast holler another 49% of Days of Our Lives fans. You are completely behind Lani and make two very valid points. 1) Lani did nothing more than try to protect herself from a crazed criminal training a gun on her and 2) Lani didn’t exactly invite Stefan’s neck to stop her bullet.

You want Gabi to realize that Lani was simply doing her duty and her actions were not personal — unlike Gabi who is literally holding a woman’s life in her hands and threatening to end it if her whim is not satisfied.

Besides, Stefan is a DiMera, so chances are he will be back and raring to go in just a few months. After all, this is just the man’s FIRST death. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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