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Days of Our Lives Poll: Did Gabi Go Too Far With Lani?

Lani and Gabi Days of Our LivesLani and Gabi Days of Our Lives

On Days Of Our Lives, Stefan’s heart was still beating, but he was braindead. Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) was still as feisty and as opinionated as ever, but her heart was giving out.

Aside from the fact that Julie has been a grandmother for almost forty years and thus is not, under even the loosest of definitions, a candidate for a transplant, the logical thing to do here would be to give Stefan’s heart to Julie.

Except that Gabi (Camila Banus), Stefan’s wife has been belittled by Julie for close to a decade now. Also, Julie’s grandson, Eli (Lamon Archey), once cheated on Gabi with Lani (Sal Stowers), the cop who (accidentally) shot Stefan in the first place.

So you can see why Gabi wasn’t feeling generous. But did Gabi go too far in making Lani beg for Stefan’s heart? How over 11,000 fans voted about that:

Days of Our Lives Poll Results: Over the Top

Uncool, Gabs, 75% of you are shaking your heads in judgment (not unlike how Julie usually does at Gabi). Making Lani get down on her knees was petty and demeaning. Plus, do you know how dirty that hospital floor must have been?

What do you think? Post a comment!

Women of color like you and Lani should stick together, not fight over petty things like men… and heart transplants. Form an alliance and make Salem a more dangerous place.

Too Much Is Not Enough

Gabi didn’t go far enough, 25% of Days of Our Lives fans beg to differ. What’s the big deal about a little kneeling and getting back up again? Gabi probably just saved Lani a trip to the gym.

A real soap opera villainess would have made Lani quit her job, break up with Eli, and move out of town! You went too easy on her, Gabi! Let’s see those claws come out and do some real damage! Oh wait, they are. And, there’s an app for that…

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