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The Worst Witch: Do Fans Hate Leo Or Diana More On Days Of Our Lives?

Leo and Diane on Days of our Lives February 28Leo and Diane on Days of our Lives

On Days Of Our Lives, as soon as Sonny got an inkling that the only person Leo might be afraid of was his mother, he was determined to find her and bring her to Salem. To set Leo (Greg Rikaart) straight… as it were.

Diana (Judith Chapman) arrived soon after and she was… OK, kind of scary looking. And a little intense. And nothing like what fans remembered from the last go-around (there’s a reason for that). But has she really done anything to excuse Leo’s treatment of Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Will (Chandler Massey)?

On the other hand, she’s the adult, he’s the child. Is Diana’s behavior actually worse than Leo’s? What almost 9000 fans think:

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They are both equally terrible, 68% of the audience is happy to give equal blame where equal blame is due. Leo is a liar and a blackmailer. Diana is a blackmailer and a liar. Six of one, half a dozen of the other….

Loathing Leo
On the other hand, 24% of you think Leo is far and away the worse. Boo-hoo, Mommy cut off her thirtysomething baby and forced him to go out and earn a living. That’s just tragic.

And it totally warrants first cat-fishing Sonny, then threatening to sue him for sexual harassment unless Sonny married him. Keep in mind, this was before the whack on the head and the carpet wrapped nap in the back of a car trunk. Leo had no legit grudge against Sonny then.

Down With Diana
For 7%, however, this all begins with Diana. She married a man who did something bad enough to get Leo to kill him.

Bio dad or not, that kind of behavior needs to be provoked. Let’s not forget, Leo really was victimized by Will and Sonny, as John (Drake Hogysten) pointed out. Diana has no excuses.

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