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Are DAYS Writers Doing Disservice to New Abby?!

Days Of Our LivesChad and Abby of Days Of Our Lives

It’s been a couple of months since Marci Miller took over the role of the wildly popular Abigail Deveraux DiMera from Kate Mansi on Days of Our Lives, and so far, I’m not sure what to think.

Today we finally got to see her explain to Chad why she faked her own death. The scenes were powerful, raw, and emotional – and they made me hate Abigail even more than I already did.

In full disclosure, I have never seen Kate Mansi’s interpretation of Abby, so it’s not that I can’t accept a new actress in the role. She is MY Abby, but I just don’t like her, and I can’t imagine how those who loved her before are feeling.

I’ve been hearing for months about this amazing love story between Abby and Chad – I watched Chad grieve with his whole heart along with his “late” wife’s mother and brother. But the Abby I’ve seen since she returned has been selfish, conniving, and downright cruel at times.

Sinking In
As Abby (Marci Miller) explained to Chad how she knowingly and purposely allowed him to think she was dead – with his older brother Andre’s help (she even threw HIM under the bus!) – he looked at her and pleaded to know how she could do this to him and their son?

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Frankly, so am I because as Chad pointed out, she could have told him once she did know she was okay. She then twisted the knife to say she never had any intention of seeing him or Thomas – she came back because JJ (Casey Moss) had been shot.

OUCH! Why didn’t she just go over and kick him in the family jewels, for goodness sake?!


Head Exploding
Finding out that Abby had been around for months became too much for him to bear. She then told him that she wants to leave, claiming to not be the woman he married. She knows he moved on.

He lets her have it (yay!) that he was trying his best just to hold on for their son and doing so because he had no choice – she was dead!

Feeling cornered by the intense emotions of betrayal that Chad (Billy Flynn) was fairly stating, Abby hit a new low – she told him she wished she really was dead, the ultimate manipulation tool to get him to back down from his anger…continue reading on the next page —>

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