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Should Valerie Tell Julie About Eli?

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Paternity has never been a clear line on Days of Our Lives.

Take Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) son, David. David was Julie’s son with one David Martin. Because David was married (and then dead), Julie gave her son up for adoption to Scott Banning and his wife. Then Scott’s wife died. Julie won back custody of David, Scott started hanging around to visit “his” son and, what with one thing and another, Julie and Scott eventually married (only a few years later, when David had a son of his own, he named him Scotty after his now also dead adoptive dad). Got that?

David did. And he didn’t like what he heard. Which is why he and Julie never had the closest of relationships. Also, Julie wasn’t a fan of many of David’s girlfriends. Which included Valerie (Vanessa Williams). Now David is (soap) dead. And it seems he has another son, Eli. Should Valerie tell Julie about her prodigal’s son’s prodigal son? Over 10,000 viewers had an opinion on that!

Tell Her About It!
It’s a landslide as 88% of you are screaming for Valerie to make David’s death a little easier for Julie by letting her know a part of David lives on in Eli (Lamon Archey). Of course, Julie might want to know why this is the first she’s hearing of it. And why David never got to know about it at all.

Mine To Tell
Then again, Eli isn’t too thrilled with his mother these days, and 11% of fans think it’s his secret to tell. Valerie never told Eli about David, and maybe he wants some time to process it for himself before deciding whether he’s ready to be swept into the bosom of the (very) extended Horton family.

So What?
And, finally, a scant 1% don’t want the truth to come out at all. What good will it do, after all? Julie knows she has a grandson, Scotty, and that doesn’t seem to be making her feel any better. So why should Eli?

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