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How Will Nicole Learn SHE Is Holly’s Mommy on DAYS??

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Soaps have been running Who’s the Daddy Stories for close to a century now, but Who’s the Mommy is still relatively new, and Days of our Lives is leading the pack.

Viewers know that Chloe’s newborn, Holly, is really Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Daniel’s child, but when will the rest of Salem learn the truth? And how will it come out? Because the truth always comes out. Almost 8,000 of you shared how you expect it to happen.

Alphabet Soup
It seems that 58% of fans are banking on DNA to spill the beans. Because if there is one thing we know about soaps, it’s that genetic tests never get switched, misread, or mysteriously disappear.

Still, if Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) mentions that poor Holly has a fever, viewers can rest assured that it’s not teething or some other common childhood malady, but most likely leukemia or aplastic anemia, or another crisis which requires a bone marrow transplant, and when Chloe isn’t a match, guess who just might turn out to be?

Tell Tale Uterus
Chloe may have given birth to Holly, but she initially only did it to give Nicole the baby she’d always wanted.

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It was Deimos’s (Vincent Irizarry) presence in Nicole’s life that prompted her to start lying. But Chloe knows how much her friend dreams of being a parent. And 29% of you believe that eventually goodness will win out, and Chloe will return Holly to her rightful mother, of her own volition.

Mother Knows Best
Of course, Chloe isn’t the only one who knows Holly’s true parentage. There’s also her own mother, Nancy (Patrika Darbo). Now, Nancy has been known to lie about a baby — she denied Chloe existed for years.

She’s also not above a scheme or two, such as when she plotted to have Mike dropped as Chief of Staff so her own husband could get the job. Nevertheless, 13% of fans believe Nancy will do the right thing and spill the beans. Or maybe it’ll be because she doesn’t want some other woman’s kid reaping the benefits of Nancy’s lifetime of mischief.

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