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Which Prison Bad Girl Should Be Sprung In Salem?!

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Prison hasn’t been a total loss for Hope on Days of Our Lives. She’s made some new friends (and reconnected with old enemies). Viewers know Bo’s Fancy Face isn’t going to spend too much time in the slammer.

But which of her cell-mates should tag along when Hope (Kristian Alfonso) returns to Salem? Almost 4,000 of you voted, and here’s what you had to say.

Double Take
For 87% of you, it was a plea of “No Contest.” Hattie – and her very familiar face – should make her way back to the town where she once got plastic surgery to look like Marlena (Deidre Hall) as part of Stefano’s inevitably evil plot.

Heck, Stefano is gone now. So why not? Plus her crush on Roman (Josh Taylor) is cute and it would give Roman and Marlena fans something to cheer for finally…well sort of — you know what we mean…

Tough Stuff
However, 7% of fans weren’t feeling chilly, but downright warm, towards Chillie (Dot-Marie Jones). In fact, they reacted with Glee at the possibility of her getting paroled and showing the lightweights of Salem what a real bad girl is like.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Maybe she and Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) could swap stories from the big house, then either battle over territory… or team up to take over the whole thing.

Bad To the T’Boz
Sheila (Tionne “T’Boz” Watkins) hit all the right notes with 6% of viewers, who are hoping it’s “Meant To Be” that she brings some TLC as only she can to anyone unwilling to give this ex-con a second chance.

Then again, with Stefano gone, there’s a power vacuum looking for a new villain to shake things up.

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