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How Days of Our Lives Fans REALLY Feel About Lani’s Baby’s Fate

Lani and JJ Days of Our LivesLani and JJ Days of Our Lives

There’s no joy to be found a mother losing her child at any time during its life. Whether the baby is stolen away while nursing or dies during a c-section before the mother ever has a chance to see the baby she’s carried, it’s horrifying… but on a soap, it can make for good story… sometimes. So, is that what happened with Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Soap Hub asked if DAYS made a huge mistake killing Lani’s baby and whether her fantasy during her c-section made the whole thing that much worse.

Well, guess what DAYS, after nearly 5,000 people weighed in, it looks like someone didn’t think this through.

A full 82% of fans feel this is one DAYS blunder that just can’t be fixed. We can’t have 26-week gestation babies come back from the dead and doubt Dr. Rolf made a serum for that. This is a stinker of a story that DAYS now has to live with.

Another 18% of fans feel it’s at least giving us good drama, but how long can the drama last after the same beats are played over and over.

And then, there’s the 78% who don’t understand why Lani’s fantasy of how thing should have been if the baby was just JJ’s played out when we knew what the end result would be.

Heck, we already learned the baby died and Lani is holding a healthy baby in her arms – but also in her mind.

Yes, we have 22% of you who feel her dream sequence enhanced the story, but most of you are just shaking your heads and still asking why DAYS chose to tell such a senseless story.

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