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Days of Our Lives Endgame: Why It HAS To Be Will and Sonny

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Current circumstances have been disheartening for Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans that fell in love with Sonny and Will’s heartfelt romance and marriage – but here’s why we think there’s still hope.

There is always a chance that Will’s (Chandler Massey) memory could come rushing back, and if that happens – all bets are off. No matter where he might be with regards to Paul (Christopher Sean), those memories would have to push Will towards Sonny (Freddie Smith).

Sonny was there for him every step of the way during his journey to accept himself as a gay man. He befriended him, was a sounding board, and eventually was his lover and then husband. It’s easy for Will to dismiss him when he can’t remember him. But there’s no way he would if those memories come flooding back.

They survived so much and overcame every obstacle that was thrown at them (except, perhaps, the role of Will being recast). But if Will had gotten his memory back right away, where would the romance be? While it’s frustrating for WilSon fans, perhaps it’s a blessing.

Then again, getting his memory back would also make things too easy. The real way to prove these two belong together is for Will to fall in love with Sonny all over again. But, giving them a clear path to that would not do this couple justice.

The sweeping romance of it is once again – overcoming obstacles and in this case, it could be feelings for Paul. That is what makes them have to slow down and really get to know each other as adults who have both been through a lot – as they reconnect. It could be a story worthy of these soul mates.

On soaps, you never put the endgame couple together right away, and WilSon fans should take that fact to heart. While it may be frustrating to watch right now, chances are the show is doing the slow build to reuniting your favorites – and that is what makes soaps worth watching!


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