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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Recap: Stefan Wants ‘Abby’ In Hong Kong With Him

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The Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for March 19 features Chad trying not to flip out after Stefan telling him he wants to take ‘Abigail’ on an overseas business trip.

You’re Going WHERE?
Stefan (Tyler Christopher) told Abigail (Marci Miller) and Chad (Billy Flynn) he needs to go on a business trip–and guess who else is going.

Chad thought he was fleeing thanks to the Andre phone situation. When Chad gave him a hard time, he threatened to fire them. “Abigail” (really Gabigail) shocked Chad when she agreed to go.

Gabigail learned Stefan suggested the Hong Kong trip to help her but she asked what he gets out of it. She realized he wanted to spend time with her but she warned Dr. Laura wouldn’t like it. He promised if she wants to come with him, he’ll make it happen.

Chad updated Kate (Lauren Koslow) on Stefan. She asked if he’s worried about Abigail with Stefan and he admitted everything about Stefan worries him. Kate advised that Abby can handle herself. “Abby” overheard, thanked Kate, and told Chad she should go. Gabigail celebrated her win but doesn’t know Chad is going too.

Anger Boils Over
Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) was upset about Steve (Stephen Nichols) and vented to Marlena (Deidre Hall) about John. Marlena asked what John could have done. Kayla wished he had come to her and asked for help. Kayla apologized to Marlena, who understood her frustration.

Forgive And Forget?
Steve and John (Drake Hogestyn) shared a beer and talked forgiveness as Steve brought up forgiving Bo over losing his eye. Steve regretted he won’t be able to play darts and John challenged him, but blindfolded himself and gave it a try.

Despite all of John’s attempts to distract him, Steve got a bullseye, making John have to pay his bar tab.

Master Manipulator
Eve (Kassie DePaiva) faced off with Brady (Eric Martsolf) over working together. He tried to say he wasn’t trying to win her back but rather he wanted to help her bring the company back.

She asked him to let her bring Basic Black back on her own and he asked her for the chance to prove his love is real.

Eve wasn’t having it and told Brady she hopes he really does love her so that he suffers without her.

He swore he no longer wants Basic Black or Victor’s approval – just her. She finally agreed to let him work on the contest with him – but they are romantically over. Brady was happy, considering it a start.

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Video Credit: KC Lynne

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