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Which Couple Do You Think Is Doomed in 2017?

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When it comes to daytime duos on Days of Our Lives, more romances fail than survive the test of time.

For every Tom and Alice Horton, the beloved couple that were married for decades, there are hundreds of duos who barely make it to the one year anniversary mark. At the moment, three Salem pairs appear tenuous.

Soap Hub asked which couple — from teen lovers Jade and Joey to the controversial Nicole and Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) to the estranged Chad and Abigail — you think is doomed in 2017. Over 7,000 fans weighed in, and here’s what you had to say.

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Jade and Joey
The young love story of Jade (Paige Searcy) and Joey (James Lastovic) won’t survive, say 59% of fans. While they may have appeared happy in recent weeks, everything hinged on the baby Jade was carrying. That’s what bonded them together. Now that Jade has miscarried, her connection to Joey is gone. As a result, you think they’ll split in a matter of weeks.

Nicole and Deimos
Deimos has made no secret of his love for Nicole (Arianne Zucker), supporting her through her baby woes and the complicated situation with Chloe. Nevertheless, 28% of you believe the pairing is doomed; particularly now that baby Holly is in the picture. Chloe isn’t going to want the child she carried raised by a man the likes of Deimos and may force Nicole to choose between him and the baby. Considering how badly Nicole wants to be mother, Deimos won’t stand a chance.

Chad and Abigail
The remaining 13% of you aren’t holding out hope for Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail (Marci Miller). While they were once a happily married couple with a beautiful future ahead of them, Abigail single-handedly sabotaged their relationship when she staged her death and disappeared. In the process, she deeply wounded Chad and totally destroyed his faith in her and their relationship. Besides, he’s already moved on… with Gabi.

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