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He’s Baacckk! How Much Should Salem Fear Ben? (A Lot)

Days of Our Lives

Mad, murderous Ben is heading back to Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

It means one thing: A number of Salemites should be afraid… as in absolutely terrified. The crazed Necktie Killer wreaked unspeakable havoc his last long stint in town, strangling Serena and Paige to death, and seemingly offing Will.

A few people should be on high alert. Namely, those that have been the focus of Ben’s (Robert Scott Wilson) wrath and fixation before. Here are the five DAYS characters who should fear Ben’s return the most.

Ben’s sick love for and obsession with Abigail (Marci Miller) puts her at the top of the in-jeopardy list. He’s already kidnapped her at gunpoint, made her deliver a child prematurely, and then followed that up by running off with her newborn son, Thomas.

Plus, Ben has a new ax to grind with his ex-fiance. During their last encounter, Abigail tied him to a bed, doused it with gasoline, and tried to set him on fire, just like he did to her and Chad.

Ben clashed with Abigail’s then ex-boyfriend, Chad (Billy Flynn), from the moment they met. In the beginning, Chad taunted Ben by throwing his money and his weight around. Then, he started dating Ben’s sister, Jordan, and comparing her prowess in the sack to Abigail’s.

The situation turned to hatred when Ben learned Abigail was back in Chad’s bed. Desperate to get him out of the picture, Ben set Chad up to take the fall as the Necktie Killer. What he’ll do for an encore could be deadly.

Abigail’s brother, JJ (Casey Moss), incurred Ben’s wrath when he arrested his father, Clyde, for drug trafficking. Ben freaked and nearly got into a brawl with JJ at the police station. Clyde’s now serving time in prison, and Ben blames JJ for putting him there. He could retaliate by hurting JJ or someone he loves.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) narrowly escaped Ben’s attempt to make her one of his strangling victims when Chad interrupted the attack in her office.

Ben targeted the psychiatrist, after Abigail sent Chad to Marlena to see if she could help him remember the night of Serena and Paige’s murders. Ben might want to finish off the shrink for good, this time.

After finding a necktie in Ben’s trash can, Will was the first person to figure out he was the killer. It gave Ben no choice but to silence him – permanently.

Will’s realization ruined Ben’s perfect crime and dreams of a future with Abigail. Ben likely still blames him for destroying his life. Considering he tried to off Will once (and we’re not sure how he didn’t succeed), who’s to say Ben won’t try again.

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