DAYS: Beyond Salem Was The Love Letter Bo and Hope Fans Needed

When news broke that Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem was returning for a second mini-season and would feature iconic characters Bo and Hope Brady,…

Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem Bo and HopeDays of our Lives: Beyond Salem Bo and Hope

When news broke that Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem was returning for a second mini-season and would feature iconic characters Bo and Hope Brady, once again played by show legends Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso, all the Bope fans out there from the past almost 40 years could think about was this would only be perfect if Bo was not a spirit and could somehow be alive.

Beyond Salem: All Hope Gone?

When Reckell made a surprise appearance on Days of our Lives — which the powers-that-be called ‘The Mothership’ in May — to wrap up the Devil possession story by Bo’s spirit rescuing his namesake grandson Bo Weston, and then used some heavenly magic to bring Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) back to life, we figured that was all we’d get on Beyond Salem, but we were so, so wrong.

Yes, we got a whole lot of Bo in heaven, but this mini-season of Beyond Salem was SO much more than that. We got a trip back in a time machine we didn’t want to leave.

Bo and Hope Defined DAYS In The 80s

In 1983, Bo Brady returned from the Merchant Marines and Hope Williams returned from boarding school and they dominated DAYS’ 1980s adventure supercouples. They went on to transcend the decades to become parents and grandparents who could still bring down the bad guys, but it was Salem of the 1980s that Beyond Salem took us back to this week in a myriad of amazing ways.

Aside from finally seeing where Chris Koitchek (Josh Taylor) ended up (running a Body Connection in San Francisco, married to Shannon Tweed’s Savanah Wilder for nearly 40 years), we were reminded why Bo and Hope were the ultimate DAYS love story and why it was such a mistake to kill Bo seven years ago as he died in Hope’s arms from a brain tumor.

Still, as soon as Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) reminded us that those prisms Bo and Hope searched for in New Orleans way back in 1984 were needed to cure Stefano DiMera’s (Joseph Mascolo) brain tumor, we knew what was coming and we couldn’t wait. It was in New Orleans where Bo and Hope first made love on a lavish location shoot that was de rigueur of soaps in that decade but hardly seen today due to budget constraints.

Bo and Hope Celebrated Their Love Beyond Salem

When Hope turned 18 years old, her father, Doug Williams (Bill Hayes), threw her a lavish 18th birthday party with Bo as her date. That is when the pair first danced to Tonight I Celebrate My Love and declared they were in love.

When Beyond Salem tried to make us believe Hope had died and sent her to heaven, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Bo and Hope reunited beyond the pearly gates and danced to that exact song in a stunningly beautiful sequence that included a romantic and soulful dance in the clouds, as well as flashbacks of all their best moments through the decades.

After Hope went back to life on Earth and their all-too-brief reunion ended, DAYS fans prayed that wasn’t it — and it wasn’t. While we prayed all week that the person Megan was trying to save with those prisms was the man she’d been obsessed with since high school, we prepared ourselves to be disappointed, but there was no need for that prep work.

Beyond Salem delivered the ultimate cliffhanger when Hope vowed to find Megan and the prisms. Then, the man in the cryogenic chamber Megan ordered defrosted opened his eyes and there he was, Bo Brady, alive and ready to be the hero we’ve held out for once more.

Whether we get him on The Mothership or in Beyond Salem, Chapter 3, we know that Beauregard Aurelius Brady is back and that’s all we need for now!

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