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Crazy Claire Sinks Her Days of Our Lives Ship And We LOVED It

Claire Days of Our LivesClaire Days of Our Lives

Claire’s house of cards on Days of Our Lives was bound to come crashing down around her and, on Wednesday’s episode, they did just that — in spectacular fashion. Actors Olivia Rose Keegan and Lucas Adams grabbed hold of the material and wouldn’t let go — and the results were mesmerizing!

It was a payoff that was a long time coming — as Claire continued to lie to the man she claimed to love (clearly not as much as she loves herself), Tripp began to add two plus two and actually get the right answer. How refreshing is that?

When he heard the story from JJ (Casey Moss) of why Haley (Thia Megia) took the fall for their fake marriage, he finally realized that the only person who could repeatedly record his and Claire’s conversations was the woman herself — and he headed over to the Kiriakis mansion to confront her.

Poor napping Claire was enjoying her last moments of delusional happiness, imagining Tripp finally realizing that he’s glad to be rid of Haley and loved her all along. The smile on her face set Tripp off, and the confrontation immediately took off.

This was not easy material and Claire is a tricky character for a young actress to justify and commit to — but Keegan manages to do it every time and makes you believe every twist and turn Claire’s mind takes.

Adams was just as good conveying Tripp’s righteous anger. His fatal flaw was believing someone as insecure as Claire would be on board with his marrying someone else in the first place.

He should have known about Claire’s jealousy from the way she handled his relationship with Ciara (Victoria Konefal) — when she used Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) to come between them.

Here’s hoping we get to see the truth come out about Claire setting the fire that almost killed Ciara before Keegan exits. Then again, if it doesn’t come out and she simply leaves to find perspective, we’d be good with that too — as long as DAYS realizes its error and brings her back — stronger than ever.

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Video Credit: Days of Our Lives Fan Talk Melissa Boyette

Video Credit: Days of our Lives

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