Why Paulina Price Needs To Re-Read Stephanie’s DAYS Job Description

Paulina has asked her PR person to do some strange things.

Days of our Lives Paulina Price and Stephanie Johnson

Poor Stephanie Johnson was in quite a tizzy on Days of our Lives. Paulina Price Carver had just (thank goodness temporarily) fired the young woman she hired to do Public Relations for her only a scant few weeks ago. Why?

Paulina Price Carver — Courting Trouble

Because Stephanie (Abigail Klein) failed to steal back the blackmail material that Sloan Peterson (Jessica Serfaty) was holding over Paulina’s (Jackée Harry) head. Paulina was incensed! She had never seen such incompetence in her life! Stephanie was most definitely canned. With, as Paulina couldn’t help adding, “extreme prejudice.”

DOOL: State of the Union

If we knew what state Salem was actually in — not to mention which one Paulina was running to be Governor of — we’d know if it was the kind of state where you can fire anybody for any reason, or if you need just cause. Assuming it’s the latter, then Stephanie has a heck of a wrongful termination claim on her hands if her current reprieve is ever rescinded, which we all know there is a good chance of that happening.

Days of our Lives Job Description

Public relations personnel are supposed to, like Stephanie said, set up fundraisers, arrange for speeches, write press releases, and call up reporters to convince them to publish puff pieces light on the real issues and heavy on Paulina’s inspirational rags-to-riches story. Nowhere in the Public Relations list of duties is dealing with blackmailers, breaking and entering, or making secret payoffs. Stephanie wasn’t hired to do any of that. Which is why she can’t be fired for failing at her task.

The Devil Wears Chanel

We get that Paulina wants to protect her daughter and that she is anxious about whatever Chanel Dupree’s (Raven Bowens) secret is and keeping it under wraps. But her treatment of Stephanie is completely out of line. Stephanie offered to help with a task way, way out of her wheelhouse. She had every right to just say no. She was trying to be a help.

Now, because Stephanie couldn’t fix a beyond-her-pay-grade problem that Paulina herself caused, Paulina, is threatening to call all of Stephanie’s other clients and order them to fire Stephanie. If she does as promised, Stephanie should sue her for every cent Paulina has!

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