What Does Amnesia Mean For Abe Carver on Days of our Lives?

Will Abe remember Paulina Price one of these DAYS?

abe carver kidnapped by cat lady on days of our lives.Will Abe Carver get his memory back? And if so, what will he recall?

While his wife Paulina was out in the Days of our Lives waiting room yelling for Abe Carver to wake up from his coma, Abe finally opened his eyes…only to have no idea who his stepdaughter was. Chanel showed him a photo of Paulina. He couldn’t recall her either. How will this affect his life? Well, that depends on how far back the memory loss goes.

Abe Carver: Days of our Lives Immediate Future

If Abe (James Reynolds) just forgot Paulina (Jackée Harry) and Chanel (Raven Bowens) because of the trauma associated with his attack, then we’re sure a couple of days’ rest will fix him up in no time. He associated Paulina and Chanel with his injury, so once the worst of the injury passes, so will his mental block. Whitley (Kim Coles), who has kidnapped an unsuspecting Abe, will just keep talking and talking and talking at him until he has no choice but to remember she isn’t the real Paulina!

DAYS: The Last I Do

But what if the memory loss goes further back than that? What if it’s not just that he doesn’t remember Paulina and Chanel? What if he doesn’t remember that his last wife, Lexie, is dead? What if he thinks he and Lexie are still married? What if he wants not just her over Paulina, but little Theo, too? Who is going to tell Abe he’s just lost a couple of decades of his life?

Days of our Lives: Abe Carver Goes Further Back

Or what if Abe’s memory loss involves Roman? Both Romans, that is? What if he wakes up and thinks John (Drake Hogysten) is still Roman? He’ll have a lot of history to catch up on! Or what if he’s stuck in the time period where Roman (Wayne Northrup) is dead? Or even further back, when he and Roman are police partners. Won’t he wonder why Roman (Josh Taylor) is slinging hash now at the Brady Pub? Just how far back should we — and he — go?

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