Some Health Tips To Help Paulina Price Live Longer Days of our Lives

Three things Paulina Price must do for better DAYS.

days of our lives spoilers for february 24, 2023 has paulina price ready to receive a messageKate reaches out to Paulina Price.

Paulina Price thought she was having a heart attack on Days of our Lives. Good thing a baker was there to tell her to take a couple of deep breaths and shake it off. That was some quality medical care, there! Luckily, Chanel has made an appointment with a cardiologist. Though she told Xander she was afraid her mom would stroke out. And that…uhm…is not where strokes happen. In any case, Paulina didn’t seem too keen to see a doctor. So we’ve got some health tips to help her live to shriek again.

Days of our Lives: An Apple a Day For Paulina Price

To stay healthy, you’ve got to eat right. That means less of Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) baked goods, and more salads and fresh fruit. Does any place in Salem serve that? All we hear about is the chowder at the Brady Pub. (We can’t imagine how much salt and fat goes into making it as good as everyone claims it is.) Maybe Abe (James Reynolds) should take his wife out for dinner somewhere else once in a while. Lunch, too. Oh, and breakfast.

DAYS: Get a Move On

Exercise is important, too. Have we ever seen Paulina (Jackée Harry) at the gym? We know she doesn’t walk places. She has a driver. And the clothes she wears, flattering as they may be, are not exactly conducive to breaking a sweat. Let’s get the woman some workout clothes. Designer, sure. But something she can move in!

Chill Out, Paulina Price

The most important thing Paulina can do for her health, though, is just to chill out. Not every statement needs to be delivered at top volume. Not every situation needs to be handled by tearing around. Not every plot development needs to be treated as a crisis. Relax, Paulina. Talia (Aketra Sevillian) got that part right. Enjoy your life. Before it’s over.

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