Three Ways Leo Stark’s Gwen Disguise Tanked on Days of our Lives

Why we don’t believe a word of this Leo Stark plot.

dimitri and leo stark dressed as gwen on days of our lives.Leo Stark tried but he wasn't very convincing.

Dimitri’s plan to lie about the nature of his marriage and collect his Days of our Lives inheritance continued to get more and more convoluted…and more and more ridiculous. Here are three reasons why Leo Stark dressing up as Gwen to fool the Von Leuschner family lawyer made no sense whatsoever.

Leo Stark: Epic Fail Number One

When Leo (Greg Rikaart) first concocted his plan to dress up as Gwen (Emily O’Brien) in order to fake being her for Elliot Roth (Darren Richardson), his argument was that, as Gwen’s best friend, he knew everything about her, and so was the only person who could pull off the disguise. Except…um…Roth had never met Gwen before. He’s apparently never so much as seen a photo of her. So why did it matter if Leo could pass himself off as a woman Roth didn’t know?

DAYS: Epic Fail Number Number Two

We knew as soon as Roth signed off his phone call with an “I love you,” that his personal life would somehow play a part in Dimitri’s (Peter Porte) fate. And, what do you know — Roth decided to play along with Dimitri and Leo’s scam because he saw them as victims of a homophobic society. (Ignore the question of why an ancestor from 100 years ago would stipulate in his codicil that Dimitri must marry a woman when the idea of gay marriage would have likely never crossed his mind at the time.) But now Roth is a party to fraud. Is it really worth losing his cushy job AND possibly his license to practice law for two people he’s never met before and knows nothing about?

Leo Stark: Epic Fail Number Three

Because here’s the thing: Roth already figured out that Dimitri and Leo lied to him about who Leo really was. What evidence does he have that Leo isn’t also conning him about how much he loves Dimitri? Roth announced that he could tell that Leo was sincere. Why does he think so? In the middle of being played, why would he presume he wasn’t being played about that, too?

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